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Clawfoot Tub & Bathtub Designs Birmingham Alabama

 Birmingham Alabama has many beautiful vintage homes from an age when construction was more of an art. Classic clawfoot bathtubs and tub accessories were very important to those homes. However, you do not need to live in a Victorian-Era home to enjoy the comforts of a beautiful clawfoot bathtub! These beautiful works of art are great for any home! We offer acrylic, cast-iron and other materials for you to choose from. Another great advantage you have is that we offer Free Shipping on every order to Birmingham. Browse below to see a few of our different offerings!

If you live in Birmingham, Alabama and you bought a specific tub from us, then there are a few useful things that will be useful for you to understand. Since we only offer the best materials when we build our tubs, you will not find any inferior tubs for sale on our site Both types are made to last longer than almost any building!

Since you live in Alabama, when you decide to buy any particular tub, there is never any shipping and handling charges for you to be concerned with. At the time we receive your purchase, we immediately begin to process your order and do not delay. We locate the acrylic or cast-iron tub you have purchased and inspect it once again to insure your bathtub is in perfect condition. Upon final inspection, if we find any defects or flaws in the quality of your order, we reject it and will choose a replacement for you. Once the bathtub has been thoroughly inspected, we also collect any plumbing that you may also have requested. The plumbing is carefully packed into separate boxes to be included in the final shipment. The tub is fitted into a shipping crate and is secured to the container. where necessary, padding is added to prevent the bathtub from being damaged or scratched in any way while it is being shipped to your home. Finally, any accessories that you may have requested or that are necessary for the tub are secured with the tub into the shipping container.