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There is way more to understand about choosing a faucet for a tub than meets the eyes. Below, you discover some valuable details to help you in making a selection that will certainly look remarkable in your home and you will obtain it at a great price.


The Classic or British Telephone Faucet is a classic style of faucet fashioned after days passed to bring an air of beauty to the contemporary bathroom. This faucet, TTC463D-2, is for clawfoot, free standing or pedestal bathtubs that have holes on the rim of the tub, or exactly what is commonly called "deck mount holes" or "faucet drillings on the rim of the tub". The faucet stem fits down right into the holes on the "deck or rim" of the tub and also is attached to the rim of the tub from the underside. The "stem" of the faucet will attach to the water system lines that have actually been attached to the water lines coming up from the floor. The TTC463D-2 consists of 2 inch deckmounts that are also referred to some as "risers". The deckmounts raise the faucet 2 inches greater on the rim of the tub. The objective of the deckmount is typically just for spartan charm.


For an attractive touch for any type of bathroom, select from one of our sophisticated bathtub wall faucets. If your clawfoot tub needs a Tub Wall surface faucet you have actually come the ideal area. We have an excellent option of Bath tub Wall faucets. Possibly you are not precisely certain why your bathtub needs a specific kind of tap like Bathtub Wall. "Tub Wall" determines where the touch must be placed on the bathtub. Victorian Style Clawfoot Bathtubs that have two holes on the within wall (not the rim of the tub) will certainly require a Bathtub Wall surface Touch.


These faucets are to connect to water supply lines appearing of the bath room wall surface. Place your free standing bathtub close to the wall and let the water flow right into the tub. If your clawfoot tub needs a Bathroom Space Wall surface faucet you have come the right location.


Free standing tub taps are smooth and contemporary, the best look for your classy clawfoot bathtub. Select from numerous different fantastic designs & styles to discover the perfect floor mounted free standing faucet for you bathroom. If your clawfoot tub has no faucet openings in it, you could use a Free Standing Tap or tub fill to get water into the tub. We have a large selection of Free Standing faucets. "Free Standing" shows that the plumbing system can be freely positioned anywhere near the tub, so the water moves from the tap spout right into the tub. Victorian Style Clawfoot Bathtubs that have no faucet holes can benefit from making use of a Free Standing Touch. Thankfully a bathtub that has have a rolled rim or a Swedish Design rim completely around the bathtub has no bearing on where the faucet will certainly be positioned. Normally the Free Standing Tap will be positioned so the water moves over the drain opening in the bottom of the bathtub.


Not only do we offer "Affordable Elegance," we also offer a better shopping experience! Call us TOLL FREE 877.795.5684 to discuss the details of purchasing your faucet. We will take your order right over the phone.  Call and talk to a real person!