Taking Care of Your Houseplants in Winter

Over the course of Winter, when there isn’t much to see outside other than snow or leafless trees, adding a few houseplants to your interior can do a lot to lift the spirits. Adding some foliage here and there is a also a great way to decorate your home that requires very little upkeep. Here… Read More »

Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

This topic comes requested by one of our readers who asked about the state of the glass doors in their bathroom. No matter what this person did, there always seemed to be a residue left after cleaning. This is a surprisingly common problem. Basically the solution is to turn your cleaning into a two step… Read More »


Have we hit you over the head with the study kick yet? Have no fear, now that we’ve gone out of our to overly prepare you focus, we’re going to help you relax. As with most things we direct you to, this will not only benefit you but also make your home more appealing. So… Read More »

Now for Some Homework

Now that we’ve taught all the things that go into a great study room (you were paying attention, right?), here’s some homework for you. Read up on these easy ways to improve your home in just ten minutes. It doesn’t get much easier than that. These will not only help your home feel more livable,… Read More »

Study Area Secrets

If you have a student in your family, or if you’re a student yourself, then you know that importance of finding a good area to study. Even if you’re not currently a parent or student, there’s sure to be some times in your life when you’re craving a space that separate, and more importantly, quiet.… Read More »

How to: Build a Desk

We’ve told you how to study, we’ve told you where to study. Here’s one last set of instructions for your focus area. If you don’t have a solid desk to work on then consider investing in one. Having a well built piece of furniture not only helps you work but also adds to the visual… Read More »

Cleaning Your Fireplace

You may or may not have had your fireplace going this past holiday season. Even if you didn’t it’s never to late to get it going. One thing we encourage you to do before and after using your fireplace, is to make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. There’s a proper way to go about… Read More »

How To: Construct an Entertainment Center

While you’re stuck inside for the rest of this winter, why not enjoy it? Gathering everyone around for a movie night is a great way to spend a chilly evening. Something that can make your viewer experience even better is the presence of an attractive entertainment center. And something that can make your entertainment center… Read More »

Insulating Your Home

We’ve mentioned insulation a few times here, but with the temperatures at a yearly low it bears repeating. Previously we talked about using plastic wrap to seal your windows, but there are so many different ways to protect your home from outside temperatures and pollutants. Here’s a list of different ways that you can do… Read More »

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