White Tiger Triplets Make Their Debut

White Tiger Triplets Make Their Debut

AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko

TweetThe  Buenos Aires Zoo got a special delivery from the stork recently, three white tigers– triplets– and they’re already winning hearts with their playfulness and rare white fur and blue eyes. The zoo is holding a contest among it’s adolescent patrons to pick a name for these sweet arrivals.  You can see more photos *here*. […]

DIY- Repurposed Pallet Projects

TweetPellets are a great recycle, reuse, repurpose product.  They’re not hard to find, easy to use, and if you can’t get it free, the most you’ll pay for a pallet is around the $3.00 mark.  If you can find a pallet that is in great condition, even better! A little sanding, a good sealer or […]

Base Libraries Are In Danger Of Closing All Over the U.S.

Base Libraries Are In Danger Of Closing All Over the U.S.


TweetThis isn’t our normal post for The Tub Connection, but this is an issue that is hitting close to home.  As a military wife, and more relevantly a mom of military children, the news of the government trying to close down our base libraries is truly breaking my heart.  When my husband deploys this is […]

Interesting Facts about Showers and Bathing.

Tweet  via: BobVila.com Bathing is a personal task, just like the way we eat, or the way we sit, we all have our unique way of taking a bath or shower. As the Senior Research & Development Manager for Delta Faucet, Paul Patton conducts frequent surveys and studies to better understand the needs of his […]

Bargaining For Beginners

TweetMy Granddaddy, a car salesman at one time, always bargained for a better deal.  ”Set price” signs translated to him as “here’s a real challenge”.  He was the one who took me to buy my first car, as a learning experience.  He told me that that one trip would teach me everything I needed to […]

Hilarious Missing Cat Posters

TweetA missing cat isn’t funny, but this man’s response to one is.  If you need a good giggle, keep scrolling and find out what happened when this secretary asked a designer in her office to help her make a poster for her missing cat.  The back and forth is hilarious and the final product is […]