Building your first home is an exciting endeavor. After all, what better to make sure that everything is exactly how you want it? But with everything that goes into the project, it’s very easy to forget some important factors such as storage and even proper walking space. To make sure that you’re hallways are wide Read More →

Taking care of your lawns involves more than just keeping the grass short and watered. You need to direct some of your attention beneath the grass itself. By keeping your soil in good shape you can keep your lawn healthy. You can take care of the soil by buying some quality fertilizer. There are different Read More →

If you’re living in an older home that hasn’t been remodeled, chances are that you’re living without a luxury other homes take for granted. A bathroom exhaust fan is a worthwhile addition to any home. A fan improves the overall atmosphere of the bathroom and accomplishes a variety of jobs at the same time. It Read More →

In today’s culture we use our smartphones for everything. Now that extends to home improvement. A smartphone might not be able to hammer in a nail, or at least not more than once, but it can help you plan out the project before you start. With organizational apps like Evernote you can constantly write reminders Read More →

Crown molding is a graceful way to accentuate you home. This style of molding ornaments edge of the wall that meets your ceiling, “crowning” it, to provide a nice touch of elegance. Most of the time crown molding is made up of plaster or wood. The difficulty of its installation comes from the fact that Read More →