33 Painful Truths In Graphs

33 Painful Truths In Graphs


TweetWhen I first stumbled upon this on Bored Panda, I was skeptical.  The first one was less than impressive, but since I had to find something interesting to write about, and there were still 32 to go, I decided to give it a fair try. These graphs are hilarious.  They are an efficient and funny […]

Three Things You Should Stop Saying To Guests

TweetI’m guilty of all three of these “don’ts” but apparently I need to knock it off.  Let’s face it, when you walk into someone’s house you’re not nearly as judgey as you’re afraid they are when they walk into yours. 1. “Sorry for the mess” First of all, is it actually a mess? Or do […]

7 Things You’re Probably Worrying About in Your Home, and Shouldn’t.

TweetIf you were to stop and look around your home right now, chances are there’s something you’d change, clean or hide if you knew someone was about to knock on the door, but Apartment Therapy gives us 7 things that we’re probably worrying about, but shouldn’t. 1. That you’ve got a couple of half-finished DIY […]

Spring Cleaning Tips

TweetBecause we’re getting ready to move, we’ve been really going through all our stuff and purging out all the belongings we REALLY don’t need or use anymore.  We probably had 8 garbage bags for Good Will and another 4 of stuff toys the girls had broken, shoes that were falling apart and clothes that were […]

How To: Build A Deck

TweetWell, Mr. Sthole and I have taken the plunge: we’ve bought a house.  We’re currently in the limbo mode waiting for everything to go through so we can sign the final papers. As we looked at our new property the first thing I said to him was “We need to build a deck”.  We have a […]

Long Term House Visits- The Questions To Ask

TweetThough no one would really choose to live with another family for a extended period of time, there are some circumstances that simply call for it.  Health, loss of a job, natural disaster, ect.  These are all cases where you may find yourself needing to provide or needing to find a place to stay for […]