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Our selection of pedestal and freestanding tub styles for your home, is certain to give it that classic touch, or modern curb appeal you desire. Please choose a category to get started and see what kind of "Affordable Elegance" and savings can bring to you and your home. 

Our Pedestal and Free Standing Bath Tubs are tubs that are not connected to a wall. Some bath tubs are attractive on one side and the other 3 sides are to basically "unfinished" as they are to be placed right on the wall so only the one side is ever seen. Pedestal tubs are freestanding in that they are made to stand in the room where ever you wish. As long as you have provided for drainage in your construction efforts, then your pedestal tub can be placed where you want. Some Pedestal Tubs have an access panel on what would be considered the rear or back side of the tub. Most bathtubs have an overflow assembly which prevents the water from overflowing onto the floor if a faucet is left on. Some pedestal models have the overflow hole inside the access panel so it does make the appearance of the rear of the tub less attractive than the "front" of the tub.

Our free standing tubs are all classified together but there are so many differences it is difficult to know where to begin. A pedestal tub can be molded in one piece from the rim down to the bottom of the pedestal. Some tubs set on a decorative base the Tub Connection has Pedestal tubs in Acrylic, Cast Iron, Stone, Copper and Wood. Each of these tubs will create a design statement from traditional, modern, old world, rustic and eclectic. All of these design styles are currently in fashion! The day we live in is a fashion mecca! Your personal taste is acceptable and "in style." Yes, there are still trends in fashion design, but is is no longer a faux pas to decorate according to your own very personal design taste.

The pedestal slipper and double slipper tub is a fine illustration of beautiful, art-inspired bath tub. The slipper tub is a bath tub that is raised on one end of the tub, allowing one person to recline in the tub. A double slipper tub is a bathtub where both ends of the tub sweep up allowing 2 persons to recline in the tub or for one person to recline at either end. In the case of a single slipper the faucet and other plumbing will typically be at the blunt end or non-slipper end of the tub. The non-slipper end of the tub is usually where the drain hole will be found and placing the faucet over the drain hole makes perfect sense. A Double Slipper Bath Tub will have the drain hole in the center of the tub and maybe offset to one side or the other. The faucet for a double ended slipper tub will need to be in the center of the tub so that the water can flow into the tub easily if there are two people in the tub. Also, because in the case of a deckmount faucet the holes will be on the rim of the tub in the only straight, level spot. In the case of a single slipper tub a flat spot at the low end of the tub may have holes drilled in it for a deckmount faucet.

Here at TheTubConnection, we are proud to offer a variety of tub and shower options for your home. We are striving to make your shopping experience easier, so select a category above to start your search! Not only do we offer "Affordable Elegance," we also offer a better shopping experience!

If you are having trouble, or cannot find what you are looking for on our site, feel free to always contact our helpful and friendly sales team, TOLL FREE: 877-795-5684.