Carroll with no faucet holes & Chrome clawfeet

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55 inch Cast Iron Rolled Rim Clawfoot Tub "Carroll"

Available with faucet packages see Related items on right.

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The "Carroll" is a classic Cast Iron Rolled Rim Tub which is perfect for your smaller bathroom. At 55" the tub will fit nicely in any room. When you imagine a vintage Claw foot tub, this is probably the tub you envision. This rolled rim style of tub has one end of the tub that slopes outward so you can lie back to soak while supporting your back and neck. Cast iron tubs are created to last for a very long time. The cast iron is cool to the touch, but when you heat it up for a bath it will maintain the heat for a good long while. You will enjoy bath time like never before.


  • Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub
  • 13 inches to Overflow
  • Ball & Claw Feet
  • Porcelain Interior
  • Classic Rolled Rim Design with 30" x 55" Dimensions
  • Feet Available in Polished Chrome, White, Matte Black, Glossy Black, Brushed Nickel & Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • In-Stock and available with Free Shipping
  • Available Without or With 3 3/8 inch drilling for wall mount faucet
  • Unless you purchase one of our plumbing packages above, this Bathtub Requires a Drain & Overflow Assembly.
  • White Clawfoot finish is available call for details 1.877.795.5684

    • Our Drain assembly can be found here, TTC1900LTB

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       Custom Painted Tubs

      Solid Colored, hand painted bathtubs will be shipped 3-4 working weeks once the color is delivered to our company from the vendor. It will take about a week to get the paint once our team places the order. As quickly as can be once the bath tub has been bought the customer will need to e-mail a customer care agent the color code for the custom paint color you have selected. Our preference is that you only work with Sherwin Williams Color sample cards because that will accelerate the process.

       Any bath tub which requires an artisan's skills, for example, Copper Bronze finish, will require four to six wks before it can ship out after the purchase is made. Preparation shall begin when an email is received from the client to provide paint color information; which is given at the time the order was placed.

      Expedited preparation time is available upon it is necessary for a special cost of $150.00. These additional fees don't have anything to with actually acquiring the products intended for the bathtub nor the shipping time. Doing this will reduce the amount of time in order to create the tub design by approx. one-half. Due to varying time-restraints pertaining to personalizing a bath tub, we can't guarantee exact date & time.

      If you have any Questions, contact us at 877.795.5684

      A stylish cast iron, free standing clawfoot tub is among the most striking & distinct tub varieties that anyone can possibly select from. Our Victorian style of tubs can be spotted within some of the most spectacular properties. It doesn't matter when a bath room is big or smaller. Having a soak in a bath on a regular basis is certainly a tension relieving practice to reduce stress as well as anxiety and it improves balance and recuperation. While a long soak in a super deep bath tub of warm water is good for you, a free standing bathtub will be the focal point of any family or master bath.

      Certainly, there are so many different designs & sizes of bathtubs to choose from to produce the effect you would like in your bathroom.


      The rolled rim bathtub is the most basic type of soaker bathtub. Rolled rim bathtubs have one end which is inclined slightly while the other is flat. At one end of the bath tub a faucet might be installed while the other end of the tub has been manufactured to allow a person to recline while taking a bath.

      You want a bath tub which appears amazing, on the other hand, the size and shape matters, too. Do you want a cast-iron or acrylic bath tub? Cast-Iron can doubtless weigh more than a lighter weight acrylic bathtub. Fortunately, free standing bathtubs can be found in lots of various dimensions.

      The claw feet of the bathtub is another method of adding the final accent to your whole bathroom creation. The feet come in different colors and a variety of shapes, like; ball feet, Ball and Claw, Lion's Paw, Monarch, and Imperial feet. Each foot style features a different distinct appearance and nuances can easily be found within each style

      Foot Finish Options:

      Customize your soaking tub's claw feet! The Tub Connection offers these finishes: Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.
      Some other colors may be made available upon request.

      Faucet Options:

      Did you know you have options when it comes to how your bath tub's faucet is mounted?:

      •  Bathtub Deck Mount Faucets: A deck mount faucet is mounted on the rim of the bath tub, which is called the "deck".
      •  Bathtub Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is positioned in the walls of the bath tub. This kind of faucet is different from Wall Mount Faucets, which are explained below.
      •  Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is placed on the wall of your bathroom; no openings are drilled in the tub itself.
      •  Freestanding Faucets: No holes are drilled into the bathtub itself; the faucet is set up on a stand separately from the bathtub or bathroom wall. Each of these types of soaking tub faucets is available in Polished Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Brushed Nickel, with various other choices available upon request.

      Should you want to incorporate value to your household, install any one of these impressive clawfoot tubs and faucets in the bathroom.

      *Call to place your order 877-795-5684

      How To Care For Your Cast iron:

      Here are some pointers on cleansing a cast iron bath tub. It is essential to know that the bathtub has been given a white porcelain coating over the interior of the cast iron tub. If the interior of the bath tub was not covered with the white porcelain it would resemble a cast iron frying pan. Keep chemicals off of the porcelain. Some suggest that you apply solely non-abrasive products to cleanse the tub.

      First, here is a list of products not to choose. Do not apply any abrasive product like Comet, Bar Keepers Friend, or Zud. These products can etch and dull the sheen of the porcelain finish on your bath tub.

      It is often recommended you apply only a baking soda paste or liquid soap products that clearly specify they are truly non-abrasive. Make sure you don't leave any cleaning products on the tub for an extended period of time. After using cleaning products always rinse well.

      Ways to Remove A Drain Clog:

      If your shower or tub drain is blocked with trapped hair and soap build up right on top of the drain it has to be removed. One method is to work with a pair of needle nosed pliers to get a hold of any evident clogs and draw them out of the drainpipe. Be sure to clear as much of the clog as is possible. Once the clog is removed allow water to run into the bath tub and view the how quickly it flows down the drain in order to determine if the tub or shower drain is in fact no longer obstructed.

      If the drain pipe is still obstructed and additional consideration is necessary, one could pour a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and hot boiling water into the drain.

      Measure approximately 1/2 cup of baking soda and pour it down the clogged drainpipe. Then, pour approx. 1 cup of white vinegar into the drain and promptly plug the drain hole with a plug or cover of some sort (to keep the chemical reaction down below the drain surface) and let it work 5-10 mins.

      The last step is flush one more time with a kettle of extremely hot water.

      *For questions call 877-795-5684

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    Available with faucet packages see Related items on right.
    View or Download the Bathtub SchematicClawfoot Guide, Drain Guide

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    My Dream Tub
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    I have always dreamed of having an amazing master bath and this bathtub totally competed it for me!!

    Review by Tammy S. (Posted on 5/3/2018)
    Just like I remember
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    Growing up my grandparents had a tub like this one. I love it. It takes me back to a time when everything was made with quality and care. This tub is perfect for what I wanted.
    Review by AntiqueHunter61 (Posted on 5/3/2018)
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