61 inch Cast Iron Crinkled Copper Slipper Tub - Eloise

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61 inch Cast Iron Crinkled Copper Slipper Tub - Eloise

The Eloise has finally arrived! We can offer you another one-of-a-kind luxurious slipper tub.  Each of our custom, hand-painted tubs is a work of art!  Eloise is the perfect solution for all homes seeking illusions of grandeur.

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"Eloise" has finally arrived! We can offer you another one-of-a-kind luxurious slipper tub.  This tub, named after a one of a kind lady, is sure to be a show stopping piece in any bathroom. This is only the beginning of what the finish has to offer. It has a Crinkled Copper effect, that truly makes this bathtub a work of art and grandeur. Assuming that anyone has been trying to find an elegant bathtub for your home, you have finally found it!. Our stock list of tubs include a significant wide range of dimensions and styles. Our company has made it simple for you to buy a beautiful bath tub.

The Eloise bath tub is perfect right down to the ornate design of clawfeet, which are Ball & Claw Feet. Whatever bathtub that you purchase, it will definitely be a perfect furnishing to your house.

Tub Features: 

  • One-of-a-kind hand-administered Crinkled Copper
  • Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub Dimensions 30" x 61"
  • 15 inches to overflow
  • Clawfeet Available in: Polished Chrome, Brass, White, Black, Brushed Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Includes 7 Inch Rim Drilling for Deck Mount Faucet or No Faucet Holes
  • Cast Iron Bathtub, Weighing in at 531 lbs.
  • In-Stock and available with FREE SHIPPING
  • Capacity: 46 Gallons of Water
  • Unless you purchase one of our plumbing packages above, this Bathtub Requires a Drain & Overflow Assembly.
  • Full Manufacturers Warranty
  • Call Toll Free  877-795-5684 for any questions or RUSH Shipping Options.

*Custom Designed Tubs

- Solid Colored custom painted bath tubs will ship by freight 3-4 weeks once the color comes in to our team from the vendor. It will take around a week to get the color after our team places the order ...... The color is only ordered after an e-mail is received in our office from purchaser in order to authenticate colour information; that is given when the order was placed. We prefer you choose Sherwin Williams colour cards and it will accelerate the process.

-- Personalized tubs that involve more than just only one paint color to create may take up to 6 wks in order to ship out because of the artistry required that one may finish the purchase; good examples regarding this could be a Patina or Copper Bronze finish or a Zebra stripped tub. Production can begin once email has been received from buyer in order to confirm color option details; which was given when the purchase was placed.

Designer bathtubs such as Crinkled Copper and Tiles are literally applied by hand so the tiling-process is incredibly time-consuming. Tiles are normally obtained directly from our vendor when tubs are ordered. Considering the hands-on amount of time needed, allow four to six weeks for shipment. The tile is obtained once an email is received from the customer to confirm color option information; that was supplied at the time the request was placed.

A quicker customization time can be acquired if is requested for an extra rate of $150.00. These particular additional monies have nothing to do with acquiring the products intended for the bathtub nor the amount of time to ship. This can trim the amount of time in order to create the tub design by about one-half. Because of the differing time-restrictions involving personalizing a bathtub, we are not able to promise these times.

* Got questions? Contact us at (877) 795-5684

A stylish cast iron or acrylic Free standing clawfoot or pedestal style bath tub is among the most stunning & distinct bathtub designs which you can possibly pick from. These classic design bathtubs will be spotted as part of some of the most beautiful condominiums. It doesn't matter when a bath room is bigger or small. A warm water bath is an ideal method in order to soak away the aching muscle groups of the work out plus it promotes a comforting mood. At the same time, a luxurious soak in a deep tub of hot water is certainly healthy, a freestanding tub will definitely be the centerpiece of your master bathroom.

We have all dimensions and styles of bath tubs so you can have your most dreamed of bathroom.


When it pertains to the vintage design tubs, the slipper clawfoot bathtub style is the most-popular style. There are 2 various designs of slipper bathtub for you to choose from. The solitary slipper as well as the double slipper. The single slipper bathtub has one end of the bathtub increased with a reclined back. This enables one to loosen up as they bathe and it takes any kind of tension off of the back and neck (when compared to other tubs which do not have actually an elevated end). A double slipper tub has both ends of the bath tub raised. This permits reclining at either end of the bathtub and also these models have the tendency to be roomier compared to the single slipper tubs. Slipper tubs will certainly differ in just how much the raised or sloped tub wall elevates. Make sure to take a look at the interior floor to ensure that you are aware of how much room you have so you can stretch out in the tub. Enjoy this amazing bath tub & invest in the wealth of your home.


A dual slipper bath is the largest design of bath you will be able to find. With lots of room for two adults, these are the tubs which have the most room. When you view a double slipper bath, you will notice that it offers a distinct mix of elements that you find in other bathtubs. This variety makes it so easy to relax. It offers two raised ends so you can recline on either side. The raised back feature provides plenty of support for your neck and head as you recline. Like the dual ended tub, a dual slipper tub is manufactured so that the faucet is positioned on the side of the bathtub in the middle. With the elevated ends, it is important to place the faucet near the middle of the bathtub.

Both acrylic and cast iron are used to construct dual slipper bathtubs. Dual slippers are also available in copper, and it these bath tubs are offered in a pedestal bathtub model as well. If you look at a copper bath tub or a pedestal bath, you may notice that in some bathtubs, the angle at which a person reclines is a little different than you would find in a dual slipper clawfoot bathtub.


These kinds of bath tubs have a uniform height from someone end of the tub to the other. The faucet is positioned in the middle of the bath tub instead of either end. Each end of the bath tub is manufactured so that you may relax as you bathe.


Rolled rim bathtubs have been in existence for over one-hundred years. These bathtubs are simple in style, yet elegant. At the flat end of the tub you may choose to install a faucet if you have selected a version that is fashioned for attached bath tub faucets. A bath tub may be designed to enable for a deck positioned faucet or a bathtub wall positioned faucet. Wall mounted faucets are only offered in cast iron types. The opposite end of the bathtub is slightly inclined which allows for a person to lounge and relax as they soak.

Besides looking good, you will additionally have to think about just what the bath tub is constructed from & the measurements.

In order to create the finishing touch to the tub the feet can be painted a color. Decorating the feet with color different from the tub can emphasize the elaborate style of the claw feet.

Claw Tub Foot Finish Options:

Customize your bathtub's claw feet! The Tub Connection offers you your choice of Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Polished Chrome.
Upon request, additional finishes may be made available.

Free Standing Tub Faucet Options:

If you don't know much about how bath tub faucets can be mounted, please take a look at the descriptions below:

-Bathtub Deck Mount Faucets: A deck mount faucet is mounted on the rim of the soaking tub, which is referred to as the "deck".
--Bathtub Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is positioned in the walls of the bath tub. These faucets should not be confused with Wall Mount Faucets, which are described below.
-Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is set up in the wall of your bathroom; no holes are drilled in the soaking tub itself.
--Freestanding Faucets: Holes are drilled into the floor instead of the bath tub or bathroom wall; this kind of faucet is mounted on a stand. All of these bath tub faucets are offered with a number of different finishes: Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze, with more options available upon request.

In the event that you wish to add market price to your home, include any one of these impressive tubs and faucets in your master bath.

*Call for more information 877.795.5684

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An Acrylic Tub Is Easy To Maintain:
Cleaning your acrylic tub is extremely simple. Here are a few ideas that are going to keep your tub looking brand new. Regularly use a soft wash rag when cleaning the tub. Put some water into the tub and squirt some Dawn Dish soap or soft soap right into the water and wash the tub. Empty the water and rinse out with clean water.

Kaboom Foam-Tastic Bathroom Cleaner is yet another product that really does an outstanding work of cleaning. Moisten the tub and spray the Kaboom on it. The Kaboom will be purple when it reaches the tub, however it is going to switch to white to signify that the cleaning is done and you can then clean the tub with a soft washrag. Then as recommended, rinse off well with water.

The majority of the non-abrasive products should do the job well. Always inspect the label to see if there is a recommendation against using on acrylic.

The Tub Connection does not endorse any product and everyone needs to verify product appropriateness before using.

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The Eloise has finally arrived! We can offer you another one-of-a-kind luxurious slipper tub.  Each of our custom, hand-painted tubs is a work of art!  Eloise is the perfect solution for all homes seeking illusions of grandeur.

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