Free Standing Tub Fillers

Free standing bathtub faucets are sleek and modern, the perfect touch for your classy clawfoot tub. Choose from several different fantastic styles and design to find the perfect free standing faucet for your bathroom. If your clawfoot tub has no faucet holes in it, you can use a Free Standing Faucet or tub fill to get water into the tub. We have a large selection of Free Standing faucets. Perhaps you are uncertain why your bathtub requires a certain sort of tap like Free Standing. "Free Standing" indicates that the plumbing can be freely be placed anywhere near the tub, so the water flows from the faucet spout into the tub. Victorian Style Clawfoot Bathtubs that have no faucet drillings can benefit from the use of a Free Standing Tap. Fortunately a tub that has have a rolled rim or a Swedish Style rim all the way around the tub has no bearing on where the tap will be placed. Typically the Free Standing Faucet will be placed so the water flows over the drain hole in the bottom of the tub.

As you see in this "Free Standing Faucet" section, we carry the British Telephone or Classic Telephone Tap with a Hand Held Shower Sprayer. Many people with a Vintage style clawfoot tub, in order to create the vision they have in mind for their tub, the choose the Classic Telephone faucet. The British Telephone tap puts out 10 gallon of water each min. That quantity of water fills a tub rather quickly. With the purchase of the faucet, there may be an option of the sort of handles desired. Pick between metal cross handles with white ceramic hot|cold tabs or plain steel or lever handles. Be sure to inspect the features of the tap carefully. Another alternative is to call the toll free number and consult with an agent to get all the information you need.

One more preferred style of Free Standing Faucet is the English Telephone or Gooseneck Faucet. This faucet is a bit more contemporary looking but the hand held shower sprayer gives the total appearance of Vintage or Victorian design. The tap could typically be purchased without the hand held shower if desired. Similar to the Classic Telephone faucet the Gooseneck tap has handle choices such as white porcelain levers with hot - cold written in black, metal levers in the very same finish as the tap itself or steel cross handles.

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