Need More Storage?

A Linen Side Cabinet can be a great method to enhance additional storage space in the bathroom. However, these linen cabinets are such nice pieces of furniture that you can place them in any room in the house.  To create more storage in any room, a Side Cabinet is just exactly what you need to install. Many bathroom Side Cabinets measure from 60 inches tall to just about 30" tall.  The taller Side Linen Cabinets rest on the floor of the room and are tall enough to store a lot of items in. However, some linen cabinets are smaller and can be mounted to the bathroom wall.

Floor Or Wall Mount

The taller floor designs will normally have a larger door that opens to a couple of shelves that can hold larger items such as bulky folded towels or tall items like hair shampoo, conditioner or bottles of body lotion. There are typically a few pull out drawers for brushes & combs and other miscellaneous personal items that everyone prefers t o have out of sight.

Technology makes it is possible to buy a vanity and Linen Side Cabinet with "Soft Closing" drawers. Soft-close drawers removes the slamming of the cabinet drawers and actually helps to reduce the noise level in the house. This style of easy gliding drawers also prolongs the life of the linen cabinet because there is no jarring of the wood with each closing of a drawer.

The shorter styles of Linen Side Storage Cabinets are typically referred to as "Side Cabinets" and are often placed in conjunction with the bathroom vanity cabinet to add to the counter top area as well as creating additional storage. Some Linen Cabinets have a porcelain or tempered glass counter top and are set in between two matching vanities with matching countertops to produce a double sink vanity appearance and greatly increase the storage capability with the added drawers in the side cabinet.

Decorative Details

In some cases, the taller floor mount style of Side Cabinets have an open shelf on top so that decorative vases, etc.  can be seen outside the cabinet.

For additional storage space that is a little bit private, a mirrored medicine cabinet is extremely helpful. Our medicine cabinet can be mounted straight into the wall like other mirrors, or it can be installed into a recessed hole that has actually been cut into the wall. There are typically two or three glass shelves to keep your products on behind the mirrored door inside the medicine cabinet.

Some medicine cabinets are mirrored on all sides of the cabinet except for the back which rests against the way. These are very reflective and decorative.

Need More Information?

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