Linen and Side Cabinet


To create more usable space in the bathroom, a Linen Cabinet is just what you need. A Linen Cabinet can be a great way to increase storage space in any bathroom.  Many bath room Linen Cabinets vary from 60 inches tall to just about 30 inches.  Most Linen Cabinets set on the floor, however, some are mounted to the bathroom wall. The taller floor models will typically have a larger door that opens up to one or two shelves that can hold bulkier items such as folded towels or taller items like shampoo and conditioner.  There are generally a few pull out drawers as well for combs, brushes, cotton balls and other miscellaneous, but necessary bathroom items.  Sometimes the taller Linen Cabinets have an open area on top so that decorative items can be displayed in the open.  

Shorter Linen Cabinets are often referred to as "Side Cabinets" and can be used in conjunction with the vanity cabinet to increase countertop area.  Some Side Cabinets have a matching porcelain or tempered glass counter top and can be set in between two matching vanities to create a double sink vanity look and increase the storage area with three or so additional drawers.  These days it is possible to purchase a vanity and Linen or Side Cabinet with "Soft Close" drawers.  Soft close drawers eliminate the slamming of cabinet drawers and that helps to minimize the noise level in the home.  

Linen Cabinets are available in every imaginable color these days since there is a large variety of bathroom Vanity Finishes.  Espresso is by far the most popular color for bathroom vanities and side cabinets these days.  There are occasionally slight variations in the Espresso finish company to company, but the Espresso finish is always a very dark, rich, "black" coffee color.  In some light, Espresso can look black, but it is really a very dark deep brown.


If you are interested in increasing storage space in your bathroom adding a Linen Cabinet will do it for you.  Browse through our selection of linen cabinets for the perfect fit for your home. Once you have found the right one, call us toll free (877) 795-5684 and we will be happy to assist you with your order. Be sure to request Free Shipping!