Shower Mixers


It is our goal to introduce everyone to the therapeutic benefits of shower massage.  Shower towers and columns have control device trim, mixers, 3-way and also 4 way thermostatic mixers. Thermostatic valves, diverters & shower mixers route the flow of the water to specific massage-therapy jets as it regulates the pressure of the water flowing out of the jets. In addition to producing and keeping the temperature level of the water, all of our shower items are offered in the 3 most preferred finishes such as Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome & Oil Rubbed Bronze. Not only are these items pleasing to the eye, they are top quality brass with ceramic cartridges. Fortunately for you, they are made to last for a very long time.


The shower is the best time of the day for some individuals. A shower wakes you up, freshens the body, unwinds the muscle mass and also is therapeutic on numerous degrees. For years shower takers have actually been pleased with the shower water pouring onto their exhausted bodies. Our very large 20 inch multi shade LED Lighted Shower will certainly make your shower feel like a tropical rain forest in a hot new nightclub. It might be time for a shower for 2!

There are lots of unbelievably sophisticated functions included with our shower systems. With our 12" round Multi Different Color LED Shower Head, when you switch on the water it illuminates immediately with the LED lights transforming the clear water to different colors based on the temperature levels.

Our shower heads vary in dimension from 8" to 20" and also are offered in Polished Stainless-steel, Brushed Stainless-steel, Brushed Nickel and other finishes. For your convenience, we also have the ceiling shower arms required for setup. Shower arms are offered in finishes that match the shower heads. We have some hand held shower systems that have sliding rail shower heads and also shower wands.


There are so many options available that it is difficult to know where to begin, How do you explain a a multi massage jet shower column to a person that hasn't already experienced it? You will love the shower tower with massage therapy water jets, the shower head, the balanced water pressure valve and the many other features. Remarkable is the word. Easy front-face installation and affordability certainly make our shower towers available to you. Our shower towers are available in stainless-steel, white or black.

Setting up a jetted steam shower in your house can be the very best way getting a therapeutic body massage. We have steam showers with whirlpool bath tub combinations. We have standing steam showers with a number of massage therapy jets, aromatherapy, sauna and towers. We have steam saunas for 2 with rainfall ceiling showers and 2 sitting benches. You will be amazed by the LED colored lights that appear when you turn the water on. 


Dial 877.795.5684 to place your order with our customer service team. We will certainly address all your concerns and also take your order over the phone. You are entitled to the shower of your dreams.