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What would you think of a shower with numerous massage therapy water jets, a rainfall showerhead, well-balanced water pressure, and four featured water jets? Our shower towers are available in stainless steel, some of them could have a white or a black surface.


Our shower heads vary in dimension from 8" to 20" and many are offered in Solid Stainless-steel, Brushed Stainless-steel, Brushed Nickel and  Polished Nickel. We also have the ceiling shower arms essential for installation. Shower arms are available in finishes that match the shower head. We have some handheld shower systems that have moving rail shower heads and also shower wands. There are many unbelievably modern functions included with the purchase of our shower heads. With our 12" round Multi-colors LED Shower Head, when you switch it on the water illuminates immediately. You will see different colors streaming out of the showerhead based upon the water temperature levels.

The shower is the perfect hour of the day for some individuals. The shower wakes you up, freshens the body, loosens up the muscular tissues and also is therapeutic for lots of reasons. Our very big  20 inch multi different colors LED Shower will certainly make your shower delay a digital jungle nightclub. It might be time for a shower for 2!

We want to help you to create an amazing shower system so that you can have the experience that you long for. We also have shower trim, control device trim, mixers, as well as 3 way and  4-way thermostatic mixers. Thermostatic shutoffs, diverters and shower mixers route the circulation of the water to specific massage therapy jets. They also regulate the pressure of the water pulsating out of the jets in addition to determining and maintaining the temperature level of the water. Every one of our shower items is offered in the 3 most preferred finishes such as Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome & Oil Rubbed Bronze. Not only are these items eye-catching, they are high quality as well as heavy-duty brass with ceramic cartridges. Simply put, they are made to last.


Mounting a steam shower right into your house can be the very best way of producing a therapeutic body shower that you could make use of day-to-day. We have a steam shower with a whirlpool tub combination that you will love. We have standing steam showers with several massage therapy jets, aromatherapy, sauna and also a tower. The quantity of water pulsating onto your body will be insane! We have steam saunas for 2 with rainfall ceiling showers, sitting benches that are framed in colored tempered glass. 


Dial 877.795.5684 to put your order in with our support staff. We will be happy to address all your concerns and we can take your order over the phone. You are worthy of the shower of your dreams and mixers to maintain your water temperatures.