Shower Heads and Hardware


The shower is the finest hour of the day for some, it wakes you up, revitalizes the body, loosens up the muscles and is therapeutic in many ways. Our large 20-inch multi-color LED Rainfall Showerheads will make your shower even more fun and exciting. It might be time for a shower for two!

The Multi-Color LED Shower Head illuminates the water as it flows and the colors change based upon the water temperature levels.

Shower heads vary in dimension from 8" to 20" and are offered in Solid Stainless-steel, Brushed Stainless-steel, Brushed Nickel as well as Polished Nickel. We also have the ceiling shower arms essential for setup. Shower arms are offered in finishes which match the shower head. There are also handheld shower alternatives such as sliding rail shower heads and shower wands. 


We have the handheld shower wand and trim, control device trim, mixers, as well as 3 and also 4 jet thermostatic mixers. Thermostatic shutoffs, diverters and shower mixers to guide the flow of the water to the massage therapy jets and to regulate the pressure of the water flowing to the jet, they also control the temperature of the water. All shower related items are available in the three most preferred finishes such as Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze. These showers are made of high quality, high-functioning brass with ceramic cartridges. They are made to last. 


Some steam showers have a whirlpool bathtub combination, we have standing, enclosed steam showers with a number of massage therapy jets, aromatherapy, sauna, and a tower. The quantity of water massaging your body is insane! We have steam saunas for two with rainfall ceiling showers, bench sitting, portable showers, and more, all enclosed in tinted tempered glass. Additionally, you will discover a large selection of  Shower Faucets which will enhance your shower experience.


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We also have bathtub faucets and hardware in hard-to-find vintage and modern styles.