Tub Plumbing Packages

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We have put together these plumbing packages with you in mind. Our plumbing packages include everything you need to get the water flowing into your beautiful free standing clawfoot bath tub. Packages include the faucet, with or without a hand-held shower, the water supply lines, with shut off valves and floor escutcheons, as well as, the drain and overflow assembly with floor escutcheon. The brass plumbing is offered in the most stylish finishes, such as Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Anyone of these finishes will add to the beauty of your home.


Since your tub has no faucet holes on the rim and you are placing the tub in the bathroom away from the wall you will be purchasing a Free Standing Plumbing Package. The package will include the faucet of your choice; Classic Telephone or Gooseneck faucet, free standing water supply lines to connect the water from the house water supply in the floor to our freestanding water supply lines and a drain & overflow assembly. The D & O will move the waste water from the tub, down the drain.   The supply lines have Shut Off Valves & Floor Escutcheons. The Drain and Overflow assembly includes a Floor Escutcheon.


The bath tub you purchased has holes on the rim or deck of the tub, meaning that you need a Deckmount Plumbing Package.  Choose either a Gooseneck Faucet or Classic Telephone Faucet and get deckmount water supply lines as well as a drain and overflow assembly. The faucet will sit directly over the holes that allow the house water supply lines to connect with the deckmount supply lines. The Deckmount supply lines are straight and connect straight up from the house supply lines to the faucet.  The "L" shaped Drain & Overflow assembly is included to remove the tub waste water out of the tub.  The water lines have Shut Off Valves & Floor Escutcheons  The "L" shaped Drain & Overflow assembly is included to remove the tub waste water out of the tub.  The D & O has a Floor Escutcheon.


Don't skimp on the finishing touches that are necessary to create the look you want for your beautiful free standing bath tub. Since free standing tubs are the focal point of any bathroom you will want beautiful plumbing to go along with your tub. Our plumbing packages include quality faucets, supply line and drains and overflows. We stock the most popular plumbing finishes like Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel.


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