Centerset 2-Handle Faucets


The whole faucet device is set on an ornamental base. The center set faucet with spigot & 2 handles is to be set up on a vanity counter top that has 3 openings cut into the countertop. Each faucet stem is attached to the water line from your house. The hot water supply line is on the left & the cold water supply line on the right. When either or both levers is "switched on" the water is allowed to flow, the hot & or cold water moves right into the spout. Since the faucet itself has 2 handles, this is obviously a "2 handed faucet."


One stem faucets are for vanities that feature a single opening pre-cut in the top of the counter. This style of faucet has the cold & warm water supply lines in the brass shaft.  The house water lines will come out of the wall or the floor and go up into the vanity cabinet.  The single stem faucet allows a one handed operation. A little lift and twist to the left or the right will turn the water to hot, cold or off.  When a countertop has 3 holes cut into it you will likely require this style of faucet. The house water lines connect to the "hot & cold" sides of the faucet, This enables the water to move right into the spout when either or both levers are switched on by adjusting the levers towards the spout for on & the opposite direction from the spout for off.


The majority of our vanity faucets are offered in Satin or Brushed Nickel. Oil Rubbed Bronze as well as Polished Chrome & also some are in Polished Brass and also Polished Nickel. Make sure to review the descriptions concerning each faucet style to see if it will help your specific vanity. It could be necessary for you to acquire an adapter to connect your house water lines with the vanity water lines. While we do not offer or suggest any type of brand names of adapters, you could check with your neighborhood hardware shop or the local plumber for additional information.

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