Make Your Own Wood Furniture Using a Tree Stump

Make Your Own Wood Furniture Using a Tree Stump

Bringing nature into the house just makes us feel good.  For the longest time, people have brought in green plants, flowering plants, Ficus trees, cactus, and even created little herb gardens in the window sill.  It isn’t enough to just look out the window.

Shaker and Mission furniture makes the very best of simple wood and this article shows a more rustic side of wood furnishings.  Wood stumps of different sizes have been used for clocks. Find a thin slab of dried stump, hollow out the area to house the time works, drill a hole clear through for the hands and movement mechanism.

A more recent use of the wood stump is to find a thicker larger stump that has been allowed to dry for quite some time and to turn it into a coffee table, end table, night stand or occasional table.

The article tells us how to make the stump coffee table and keep the bark on the stump while adding a nice, high shine to it.

Keep in mind that this project is going to require many steps, some of them repeated a few times.  The stump needs to be trimmed and sanded so it is level. The edges will need to be trimmed and sanded so there are no rough edges to catch things on or to hurt people. The sanding will bring out many rings and shapes in the wood.

Brushing on different polishes and top coats will be required to prepare and top off the wood so it doesn’t absorb water or condensation from drinking glasses. A spray-on clear top coat is required for side so the bark isn’t disturbed or broken off.

Decide if the table will require three of four legs and purchase what looks best with the other furnishings in the home.

Bringing nature into the home instills a sort of peace and tranquility that can make a house a home.

Enjoy the process of introducing nature into your home.

Before & After: From Stump To Seriously Awesome Side Table 17 Apart | Apartment Therapy.

Make Your Own Wood Furniture Using a Tree Stump 2


  1. There is something unique about rustic decorations and furniture. I do not necessarily like wooden surfaces, but I do like brass and using steel as furniture. For many years, I have wanted to lease a warehouse factory and decorate it with not so much rustic furniture, but with by decorating it with a them that consists of a post modern theme with iron and other metal furniture.

  2. We had an old clock that was made out of a tree stump, obviously it wasn’t this thick but it was still very heavy. Would they hollow out this table in order for the legs on it to not collapse or for ease of moving it around? Thank you for the idea I am looking forward to looking for trees to make furniture out of. Keep the articles coming they have been great.

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