60" Cast Iron Rolled Rim Tub, Xan

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60 inch Cast Iron Rolled Rim Tub - Xan!

One of the most sought after authentic vintage tub types, this classic 60" rolled rim pedestal soaking tub with its comfortable and stylish contoured end is perfect for a long, warm soaking experience and taking you back in time.

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Our "Xan" is a Rolled Rim Cast Iron Pedestal Bathtub with Porcelain Interior that duplicates the classic vintage tub design used by Grandma in days of old.  The tub is 60 inches end to end and one end is sloped out so that you can recline while bathing. The sloped end will support your head and neck while you rest. The pedestal bottom is very unique. Our "Xan" tub is available with or without deckmount faucet holes.

The exterior surface on any one of our bathtubs may be customized with the paint color of your choosing. The bath tubs are impeccable right down to the beautiful pedestal base. Whatever bathtub that you purchase, it will definitely be a superb enhancement for your house.

Tub Features: 

  • Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub Design
  • Rolled Rim Tub Dimensions of 30" x 60"
  • 13 inches to Overflow
  • A full 41 Gallons of water capacity
  • Requires Drain & Overflow Assembly.  Sold Separately
  • Rugged Cast Iron Tub Construction Weighing in at 325 Pounds (Empty)
  • Porcelain Interior
  • Available with 3 3/8 inch drilling for wall mount faucet, 7 inch to center drilling for deck mount faucet or no faucet drilling. 
  • In-Stock and available with FREE SHIPPING!
  • Amazing Freestanding Tub Design
  • Full Manufacturers Warranty
  • Call Toll Free 877-795-5684 for RUSH Shipping options
  • Paint the exterior in a single, solid color of your choice for $150! (metallics not included)
  • Choose a Faux Copper finish for $300! We suggest Oil Rubbed Bronze Feet


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60 inch Cast Iron Rolled Rim Tub


 Custom Painted Tubs

 -- When the clients color is mixed up at our vendor then shipped to our paint room, the single-solid paint is then hand painted onto the bath tub and it will then be shipped out within around 3 or 4 weeks. It will take around one week to get the paint after our team places the order ...... As soon as possible after the bathtub was bought and the buyer has expressed their wish with regards to a customized painted tub, the client will be required to submit an e mail to our client service department so as to supply the paint formula to get the needed customized paint. Our preference is that you only choose Sherwin Williams colour cards because that will definitely expedite the process. 

-- Specialty bathtubs which necessitate more than just a single paint color in order to create may require up to 6 wks in order to ship out given the workmanship expected in order to finish the request; good examples concerning this could be a Patina or Copper Bronze finish or a Zebra stripped tub. Preparation can begin soon after an email message has been received from purchaser in order to establish paint color details; that was indicated when the request was made. 

Designer bathtubs such as Crinkled Copper and Glass Tiles are literally applied by hand so that the applying of the product is quite slow and exact. The tiles are actually ordered through our vendor when bath tubs are purchased. Due to the "hands on" amount of time necessary, you should allow 4 - 6 wks before shipment. The tile will be obtained immediately after an email message has been sent from the customer to provide the paint code; that was offered when the request was placed. 

The added service fees don't have anything to with actually getting the products intended for the bath tub nor the amount of time to ship. This particular option can slash the amount of time by about one-half still, it is not considered an absolute considering that once again, painting such special bathtubs are actually rather demanding intense. 

*Call for more information (877) 795-5684 

Certainly, there are so several designs of bathtubs that one may choose to produce the effect you would like in your bath room. 

Assuming that you're shopping for a totally exceptional freestanding bathtub, have a look at this wide selection claw foot and pedestal bathtubs. These classic style of bath tubs are seen within some of the most exquisite houses. It does not matter when a bath room is bigger or smaller. Taking, deep warm water baths can be a good manner that one may eliminate stress and anxiety on throbbing muscle mass. It really will be able to assist to generate a healthier harmony to your body system. At the same time, a long soak in a nice deep bath tub full of hot water is definitely healthy and balanced, a claw foot bath tub will certainly be without a doubt the main feature for the family or master bath. 


A few of the additional features you will need to think about besides design, is going to be the height and the depth of any bathtub to be certain it fits the permitted area sufficiently and to verify that you are able to stretch your legs out inside the tub in a relaxed position. 

If you enjoy the classic type of tub, a rolled rim bath tub is the most classic type of all! These have the same height from one end of the bath tub to the other. A faucet may be mounted on some types at one end of the bath tub while the opposite end has been crafted to permit a person to lay back and bathe. 

Free Standing Bathtub Faucet Options: 

If you don't know much about how soaking tub faucets are mounted, please take a look at the definitions below: 

When you purchase any of our claw tubs and tub filler choices will definitely boost glamour and affluence in your house. 

-Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is installed in the wall of your bathroom; no openings are drilled into the bath tub itself.
-Bathtub Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is placed in openings that are drilled in the walls of the soaking tub. This kind of faucet is different from Wall Mount Faucets, which are defined below.

-Bathtub Deck Mount Faucets: The faucet is installed in openings that are drilled into the rim (deck) of the bath tub.
-Freestanding Faucets: The faucet is set up on a stand and is not connected to the bathtub or to the bathroom wall. Each of these bath tub faucets is offered with a variety of different finishes: Polished Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Brushed Nickel. Additional finishes are available upon request. 

*Want to place an order or ask questions? Call 877-795-5684 

How To Keep Your Cast Iron Tub Clean:

It is essential to recognize the best ways to look after your cast iron tub. Before a cast iron tub has actually been coated with white porcelain, it looks just like a frying pan.

There are a couple of non-abrasive cleansers that you can use, but there are far more abrasive cleansers that we will recommend against choosing.

Let me furnish you a listing of products you must not apply on your cast iron tub. This is not a complete list; Bar Keeper's Friend, Zud and Comet. Each of these is really abrasive and will likely produce damage when you utilize it.

We recommend you utilize baking soda or soft soap products that clearly state they are non-abrasive. After cleaning with a non-abrasive product, rinse will and clean with a soft pad.

As specified prior to, wipe any cleaning products off and rinse well.

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One of the most sought after authentic vintage tub types, this classic 60" rolled rim pedestal soaking tub with its comfortable and stylish contoured end is perfect for a long, warm soaking experience and taking you back in time.

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