"Chariton" with Complete Gooseneck faucet pkg in Chrome

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61 inch Cast Iron Slipper Tub Complete deck mount Gooseneck Plumbing PKG - Chariton

The "Chariton" provides you a superb bathing experience.Built from long lasting Cast Iron, the "Chariton" gives you a beautiful Porcelain interior to relax in with this Vintage Slipper freestanding tub design.

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This tub is cast iron which has been molded into the true Vintage Slipper tub style.  A slipper tub is one that has an end that sweeps up on just one end of the tub. This creates an extremely glamorous tub. While the look is incredible, the functionality is measurable. There are 14 inches of water that you can adjust to the perfect temperature to alleviate the muscle aches and stress in your body. Every time you lay back, your head and shoulders are supported. Never get another kink in your neck while attempting to get comfy in the tub. Since the tub you are ordering here has deckmount faucet holes, we have included a deckmount gooseneck faucet package.

Included in the "Chariton" Complete Plumbing Package is:

  • TTC684D Gooseneck Faucet with British Style Telephone Hand Held Shower
  • TTC341D Deck Mount Water Supply Lines Complete with Shutoff Valves and Escutcheons
  • TTC1900LTB Lift and Turn Drain & Overflow
  • Chariton Cast Iron Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub:

  • Classic Slipper Construction
  • Top quality Porcelain Interior
  • Slipper Design with 30" x 61" Dimensions
  • 14 inches to Overflow
  • 46 gallon capacity
  • Feet Available in Chrome, White, Black, Brushed Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • In-Stock and available with FREE SHIPPING
  • Complete Manufacturers Warranty
  • 320 lbs. empty
  • Call Toll Free 877-795-5684 for RUSH Shipping options
  • Paint the Exterior of the tub a single, solid color of your choice $150!
  • Choose Faux Copper finish $300! We suggest Oil Rubbed Bronze Feet with Copper Bronze finish.

  • Deckmount Supply Lines:

  • 1/2" solid brass tubing construction
  • Goes into threaded 1/2" IPS
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Waterlines Connect Below Floor
  • Decorative Floor Escutcheons
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Adjustable Height 1/2" 
  • Deck Mount Supply Lines
  • Deckmount Gooseneck Faucet

  • Approximately 12" Tall
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Two 2 inch deckmount risers
  • English Telephone Style Faucet
  • Porcelain OR Metal Lever Handles
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Adjustable Swing Arms
  • 1/4 Turn Valves
  • Ceramic Cartridges
  • Adjustable Centers from 3 3/8" to 9 3/8"
  • Drain & Overflow Assembly:

  • One Size Fits All
  • Cut for exact fit
  • Lift & Turn Drain
  • Solid Brass
  • Exposed Plumbing
  • 3 Pieces
  • Vintage Style
  • Floor Escutcheon
  • Decorative Overflow Cover
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 1 1/2" Tubing

  • Custom Finished Bathtubs

    Solid Colored hand-painted tubs will be shipped by freight 3-4 weeks after the paint arrives to our team directly from our vendor. It takes approximately a week to receive the color once our staff orders it. As quickly as you can once a bath tub has been bought customers will have to e-mail their product service salesperson the color formula for the paint color that was chosen. We prefer you use Sherwin Williams colour sample-cards because this will definitely expedite the entire process.

    Customized tubs which require more than one single color in order to manufacture can require up to 6 wks to ship out considering the craftsmanship involved so as to complete the purchase; good examples of this could be a  Copper Bronze finished  tub. Preparation can start as soon as an email message is received in our office from customer in order to provide color option details; that was given as the purchase was placed.

      If you find yourself in a real time crunch, with an additional $150 our team can fast track your order to the front of our production line. Kindly bear in mind that the fee is simply in order to expedite the customization appropriate to the tub only. This particular charge merely moves your bath tub up to the beginning of the artisan's workload. Fast shipping is an independent fee from this particular one. Doing this is a simple way in which to decrease the time-table by about one half, having said that, because of the "actual hands-on" quality of our artisan painted bathtubs, our company can't promise an exact date and time.

    To learn more call 877.795.5684

    Have you been trying to find the perfect free standing pedestal style or claw foot bath tub for a home ? Our team have on hand a substantial assortment one can choose from. These tubs can be seen inside of the bathrooms of the exquisitely decorated homes; bearing in mind that these bath tubs are actually budget-friendly and will always be an excellent bath tub every type of room, large or small. A warm and comfortable hydro bath-time is actually a perfect way in which to relax out the hurting muscles from the job and it promotes a relaxing ambiance. These deep water bath tubs good for your body, these tubs are quite stunning in a house.

    There certainly are various styles of bath tubs to choose from to produce the appearance you would like in your bathroom.


    When it involves the vintage design tubs, the slipper clawfoot bathtub style is the most-popular design. There are 2 various designs of slipper bathtub for you to select from. The single slipper and also the double slipper. The single slipper bathtub has one end of the tub raised with a sloped back. This makes it possible for one to unwind as they shower as well as it takes any anxiety off of the back and neck (when compared to a few others tubs which do not have an elevated end). A double slipper tub has both ends of the bath tub elevated. This enables reclining at either end of the bathtub and these versions tend to be roomier than the single slipper tubs. Slipper tubs will certainly differ in how much the raised or sloped tub wall elevates. Make certain to consider the inside floor-space to ensure that you understand just how much area you have to stretch your body in the tub. Enjoy this amazing tub & build the value of your house.


    Easily the biggest variety of bath tub available, the double slipper is a gorgeous bath variety. With sufficient area for two adults, these gorgeous bathtubs are unquestionably the largest of all of the bathtub designs. Combining features that other designs provide, the double slipper is an unique combination of the other varieties of bath tubs which we offer. It has two raised sides which makes this tub so simple to recline in from either side. Like the dual ended bath tub, a dual slipper bath tub is fashioned so that the faucet is installed on the side of the tub in the middle. With the elevated ends, it is important to place the faucet near the midpoint of the tub.

    Dual slipper bathtubs are available in both cast iron and acrylic. Double slippers are also available in copper, and it these bath tubs are available in a pedestal bathtub design as well. If you look at a copper tub or a pedestal bath tub, you may notice that in some tubs, the angle at which someone reclines is a little different than you would find in a double slipper clawfoot tub.


    In contrast to rolled rim bath tubs, Dual-ended tubs have both ends designed to enable a person to recline as they bathe. They have a greater length too. This is one of the more popular features of this style. Finally, the faucet is not mounted at either end of the tub. Instead, it is placed on the side in the middle of the bath tub.


    If you enjoy the classic style of tub, a rolled rim tub is the most classic type of all! A faucet may be attached on some models at one end of the bathtub while the opposite end has been crafted to make it possible for a person to lay back and bathe.

    Some of the other things you will need to keep in mind besides design, is the length and the diameter of the bath tub to be certain it fills the permitted area properly and to verify that you can stretch your legs out in it in a relaxed position.

    Depending upon the maker, the clawfeet on the tub can be highly ornate or perhaps a bit more simplistic. Don't forget to inspect the feet very closely to be aware of the offerings. The claw feet can be painted to compliment or to contrast with the bathtub.

    Clawtub Foot Finish Options:

    Customize your bath tub's claw feet! The Tub Connection offers you your choice of the following finishes: Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Polished Chrome.
    Some other finishes may be made available upon request.

    Faucet Options:

    Before you make a selection from the drop down list, we want to make sure you understand your bath tub faucet options:

    •  Bathtub Deck Mount Faucets: The faucet is positioned in openings that are drilled into the rim (deck) of the bath tub.
    •  Bathtub Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is mounted in holes that are drilled into the walls of the bathtub. This kind of faucet should not be confused with Wall Mount Faucets, which are explained below.
    •  Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is installed in the wall of your bathroom; no openings are drilled in the tub itself.
    •  Freestanding Faucets: The faucet is set up on a stand and is not connected to the bath tub or the bathroom wall. Each of these bathtub faucets is offered with a number of different finishes: Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze, with other choices available upon request.

    Should you wish to bring in worth in your home or apartment, install one of these remarkable free standing bathtubs and faucets in the family or master bath room.

    *Call for more information 877.795.5684

    Other Cast Iron Bathtubs

    68 inch Acrylic Clawfoot Double Slipper Tub
    72 inch Cast Iron Pedestal Tub

    Don't wait, call now, 877-795-5684!

    Keep Your Cast iron Clean:
    Here are some tips on cleaning your cast iron tub. It is essential to understand that the tub has actually been given a white porcelain layer over the cast iron. If the tub was not coated with the white porcelain it would appear like the cast iron frying pan you fry your potatoes in.

    The best way to cleanse the porcelain is by using soft soaps that are completely non-abrasive.

    First, let me share with you just what not to utilize. Do not apply anything that is abrasive like Comet, Bar Keepers Friend, or Zud. These products can easily damage and de-shine the finish on your tub.

    Review the product label, however you should be safe working with a cleaner that is non-abrasive. It can be put on with a soft cloth and flushed with clear water.

    As suggested before, wipe any cleaning products off and always rinse well.

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    The "Chariton" provides you a superb bathing experience.Built from long lasting Cast Iron, the "Chariton" gives you a beautiful Porcelain interior to relax in with this Vintage Slipper freestanding tub design.

    View or Download the Clawfoot GuideDrain Guide & Faucet Guide, Bathtub Schematic

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    Countertop Style No
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    PDF Link Clawfoot Guide, Drain & Overflow Guide
    Manufacturer The Tub Connection
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