Things to Know about Clawfoot Bathtubs

Popular Clawfoot Bathtub Questions & Answers

Those ready to purhcase a clawfoot bathtub may have a few questions in mind before they decide on making their selection. This page is dedicated to answering several of the popular questions about this style of tub. 

What Finishes are Available for the Claw Feet in a Clawfoot Bathtub?

One frequently asked question is "What Clawfoot Finishes are Available for Claw Feet?" The most-popular finishes for the claw feet are Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Other popular finishes include White, Matte White, Black, Matte Black, and Brass. It is possible to have almost any finish you would want. Depending upon the material, most claw feet can be painted to match almost any color you can choose.


What Styles are Available for the Claw Feet?

The Claw Feet on a clawfoot bathtub can have several different styles, depending upon the model you choose. The most-popular styles of claw fee include a Lions Paw, an Eagle Claw, and a Bear Claw. Many other styles are available as well with different manufacturers. Additional styles may include modern geometric shapes such as circular, square, rectangular or curved.


What Materials are Clawfoot Bathtubs Made From?

During the late 19th century into the early 20th century, clawfoot bathtubs were made from Cast Iron. This heavy material was readily available for bathtub manufacturers. The cast iron was overlain with a hard, enamel finish on the interior of the bathtub to give it a smooth finish. Today, many other materials are available for creating clawfoot tubs. Cast iron is still very popular and is in high demand. Acrylic is another popular material because it is easy to shape, it is durable and it is light-weight. Other materials are used for clawfoot bathtubs including steel, copper, and other materials, but these are not as much in demand.


What are Common Sizes for Clawfoot Bathtubs?

There is a wide variety of sizes for clawfoot bathtubs. THe size of a clawfoot tub is typically measured from the outer portion of one end of the tub to the outer edge of the other end. Popular lengths for Clawfoot Bathtubs range from 52 inches to about 66 inches. There are some bathtubs which are smaller in length. These lengths can be as short as 46 inches long (or even shorter). Bathtubs can also be as long as 72 inches long, but they do not get much longer in most cases.


What are some Clawfoot Bathtub Styles?

Clawfoot Bathtubs come in four main styles. These include rolled-rim, dual-ended, slipper, and double slipper styles.