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70 inch Pedestal Tub w/ Complete Plumbing Package (TTC684D) - Copper Lewis

The "Copper Lewis" has a Faux finish that sets this beautiful double ended tub apart from all others! Lewis can also be purchased as a white pedestal tub.   

View or Download the Bathtub SchematicDrain & Overflow GuideGooseneck faucet GuideDeckmount Supply Lines Guide and Pedestal installation guide

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You have incredible taste! This dual-ended tub package hincludes a high quality acrylic tub, with a hand-painted custom finish and a sold brass gooseneck faucet & fixture package. We could charge you hundreds of dollars more, but our motto is "Affordable Elegance". You can have this faux copper acrylic tub on a pedestal base and the faucet package at the lowest discounted price. You can call us today to ask any questions that you have and to place your order.

This Complete Plumbing Package Includes:

  • TTC684D Goose neck Faucet with British Telephone Style Hand Held Shower
  • TTC341D Supply  Lines Complete with Shutoff Valves and Escutcheons
  • TTC1900LTB Modern Lift and Turn Drain & Overflow Assembly
  • Acrylic Double Ended Pedestal Bathtub:

  • Lewis Bathtub Dimensions: 30" x 70"
  • Faux Copper Finish
  • 14 inches to Overflow
  • Capacity: 56 Gallons of Water
  • Top Quality Acrylic Construction Weighing in at 100 lbs.
  • Shown with Oil Rubbed Bronze Pedestal
  • Tub has flat spot on faucet end - see photo
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Defect Warranty on Tub
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Defect Warranty on Plumbing
  • Call Toll Free 877-795-5684 for RUSH Shipping Options
  • In-Stock and available with FREE SHIPPING
  • See our White Lewis

  • Specifics of your Plumbing Package:

    Deckmount Gooseneck Faucet -

  • Approximately 12" Tall
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Two 2 inch deckmount risers
  • Gooseneck Style Faucet
  • Porcelain OR Metal Lever Handles
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Adjustable Swing Arms
  • 1/4 Turn Valves
  • Ceramic Cartridges
  • Adjustable Centers from 3 3/8" to 9 3/8"
  • Drain & Overflow Assembly -

  • One Size Fits All
  • Cut for exact fit
  • Lift & Turn Drain
  • Solid Brass
  • Exposed Plumbing
  • Vintage Style
  • Floor Escutcheon
  • Decorative Overflow Cover
  • Five Year Warranty
  • 1 1/2" Tubing
  • Deckmount Supply Lines -

  • 1/2" solid brass tubing construction
  • Goes into threaded 1/2" IPS
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Decorative Floor Escutcheons
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Adjustable Height 1/2" 
  • Deck Mount Supply Lines

    Custom Painted Tubs

       Bathtubs which are custom painted a solitary color is going to be available for shipment within 3 - 4 full weeks after being painted by our artisan. The color is actually custom-mixed at a laboratory. It takes around one week to receive the paint once our team places the order. Color is ordered once an e-mail is received in our office directly from the customer to confirm colour details; which is given when the order was made. We prefer you only work with Sherwin Williams color sample-cards because this will definitely speed the entire process.

       Personalized hand painted bath tubs (Copper Bronze) may take up to 4-6 work weeks to ship when request for the custom tub is made. Processing can start after an email is received from buyer to provide color information; that was given at the time the request was made.

    Our team can move your Designer Tub to the beginning of our customization line for $150.00. This particular charge is in addition to any original fees that come with the acquisition and/or customizing of a bath tub. These additional service fees don't have anything to with actually acquiring the materials intended for the bathtub nor the amount of time to ship. This can reduce the length of time to create the tub design by approximately one-half. Due to fluctuating time-restraints pertaining to customizing a bathtub, we are not able to guarantee these times.

    * Got questions? Contact us at (877) 795-5684

    A beautiful acrylic or cast iron Freestanding clawfoot or pedestal style tub is among the most stunning & unique bathtub types which anyone might make a selection from. No matter the dimension of your bathroom, The Tub Connection has a frees standing tub for your home. The Tub Connection provides Affordable Elegance to exceptional estates around the globe. Regular, long baths is actually a healthy way that one may soothe anxiety on sore muscle mass. It really will be able to assist to generate a proper harmony in your body system. In addition to the health and well-being rewards, soaking bathtubs are an attractive design piece in your bath room.

    Certainly, there are various styles of bath tubs to choose to create the look you wish to have for your bathroom. 


    Dual ended bath tubs look like rolled rim bath tubs in some ways, though there are a few variances. Faucets are mounted on the side of the tub in the center instead of at one end. Both ends of the bath tub allow for one to recline. Dual-ended tubs have more room then the rolled rim models. This is because they are usually longer in length. This added space makes for a more comfortable experience. 


    The Vintage Rolled Rim design is the most basic style of clawfoot tub. One
    end of the bath tub is created for the faucet. In some cases the faucet would be mounted on the rim itself while at other times a faucet would be placed on the inside of the bath tub on the wall surface. The wall positioned faucets are only offered in cast iron tubs. At the other side of the tub you will recognize it is slightly inclined. This practical element permits a person to sit back and relax as they wash.

    You want to get a bath tub that looks wonderful, however the measurements of the tub is a concern, as well. Do you need an acrylic or a cast-iron bath tub? Cast iron will doubtless weigh much more than an acrylic bath tub. The good thing is each is available in several different length and widths. 


    When it comes to the vintage design bath tubs, the slipper clawfoot bathtub layout is the most-popular style. There are two various designs of slipper tub for you to select from. The solitary slipper and also the double slipper. The solitary slipper tub has one end of the bath tub elevated with a reclined back. This allows one to unwind as they bathe as well as it takes any type of tension off of the back and neck (when as compared to other tubs which do not have a raised end). A double slipper tub has both ends of the tub increased. This allows for sloping at either end of the tub and these designs tend to be roomier than the solitary slipper tubs. Slipper tubs will certainly differ in how much the elevated or sloped tub wall raises. Make certain to look at the inside floor to ensure that you are aware of just how much room you have to stretch your body in the tub. Enjoy this amazing tub & build the value of your home. 

    Investing in any of our claw tubs and faucet combos will certainly increase loveliness and prosperity to your estate.

    *Got Questions, contact us at 877.795.5684 

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    The "Copper Lewis" has a Faux finish that sets this beautiful double ended tub apart from all others! Lewis can also be purchased as a white pedestal tub.   

    View or Download the Bathtub SchematicDrain & Overflow GuideGooseneck faucet GuideDeckmount Supply Lines Guide and Pedestal installation guide

    Select A Finish Oil Rubbed Bronze
    Sink Style No
    Countertop Style No
    Featured No
    PDF Link Drain & Overflow Guide
    Manufacturer The Tub Connection
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