67 inch Acrylic Slipper Tub with Plumbing Package (TTC150) - Copper Miller

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67 inch Acrylic Slipper Tub with Plumbing Package (TTC150) - Copper Miller

The Miller comes as a pristine white Clawfoot Slipper tub or with a stunning Faux Copper finish (Copper Miller). 

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Not only will you love this tub, but your family will be waiting in line to take a bath in the Copper Miller Slipper Tub. The raised end allows your head, neck and shoulders to be supported while you soak in the deep water in this soaker tub. Our Miller tub started out as a pristine white acrylic, but we have talented artisans that apply the perfect application to create this faux copper exterior. Since the tub has no faucet holes, we have created a faucet combo just for you. For one price you get a contemporary freestanding gooseneck faucet and drain with overflow. Call us now, 877.795.5684.

This Complete Plumbing Package Includes:

  • TTC150Freestanding Gooseneck Style Faucet with Hand Held Shower Wand, Supply Lines Included.
  • TTC1900LTB Modern Lift and Turn Drain & Overflow Assembly.

Acrylic Claw Foot Slipper Tub:

  • Faux Copper Finish
  • Acrylic Slipper Tub Dimensions of 30" x 67" 
  • 15 inches to Over flow
  • 48 gallon capacity
  • Empty Weight 75 pounds
  • Filled Weight 520 pounds
  • Feet Available in: Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • In-Stock and available with FREE SHIPPING
  • Call Toll Free 877-795-5684 for RUSH Shipping Options
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Defect Warranty on Tub
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Defect Warranty on Plumbing

 Freestanding Plumbing Package Includes:

Contemporary Freestanding Gooseneck Faucet: 

  • One Year Defect Warranty
  • Single stem 
  • 1/4 turn valves
  • Sleek Styling
  • Round Base
  • Modern Gooseneck Faucet with Shower Wand
  • Free Standing
  • Hand Held Shower Wand
  • Water Supply Lines (inside tubing)

 Exposed Drain & Overflow Assembly:

  • Heavy Duty Solid Brass
  • Exposed Plumbing
  • Vintage Style
  • Floor Escutcheon
  • One Size Fits All
  • Cut for exact fit
  • Lift & Turn Drain
  • Decorative Overflow Cover
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 1 1/2" Tubing


 Customization Of A Tub

  A tub calling for an Copper Bronze Finish, may require 4 - 6 wks before it can ship once an purchase is made. Production can begin as soon as an email message is received from purchaser to provide color option info; that was indicated as the order was placed.

Expedited production processing can be available upon request if it is needed for an added fee of $150. This particular expense will NOT address the charge connected with expedited SHIPPING of a bath tub or any necessary materials. Doing this will cut the amount of time to create the tub design by approx. one-half. As a result of changing time restraints pertaining to personalizing a bathtub, we won't guarantee these times.

 Call for more information 877.795.5684

Assuming that you're trying to find a truly special freestanding bathtub, have a look at this inventory selection of claw foot and pedestal bath tubs. Our bathtubs can be found inside of the bathrooms of the beautifully decorated houses; especially considering that all of these bathtubs are really reasonably priced and will always be an excellent furnishing whatever type of bathroom, big or small-sized. A warm and comfortable water bath-time is the best method to soak away the tender muscle groups of the work out and it will promote a calming environment. Not only are these deep water soaking tubs healthier for you, these tubs are extremely exquisite in any house.

You can select from soaker bath tubs that includes a wide range of features that helps to create the design plan you desire from your bathroom.


When it concerns the vintage style bath tubs, the slipper clawfoot tub design is the most-popular design. There are two various styles of slipper bathtub for you to pick from. The solitary slipper as well as the double slipper. The solitary slipper tub has one end of the bathtub increased with a reclined back. This enables one to unwind as they bathe as well as it takes any type of tension off of the back as well as neck (when as compared to other tubs which do not have actually a raised end). A double slipper tub has both ends of the tub increased. This allows for sloping at either end of the bathtub and also these models tend to be roomier than the solitary slipper tubs. Slipper tubs will vary in how much the elevated or sloped tub wall increases. Make sure to look at the interior floor-space to ensure that you understand how much space you have to stretch out in the tub. Enjoy a lovely bath tub & invest in the value of your house.


Easily the largest type of bath tub readily available, the double slipper is a gorgeous bathtub design. With ample area for two adults, these gorgeous bathtubs are easily the largest of all of the bathtub styles. The level of popularity of these baths is due partially to the spacious amount of area they offer. When you look at a dual slipper bath tub, you will notice that it offers a distinct blending of features that you find in other bath tubs. This variety makes it so effortless to relax. It offers two raised ends so you can recline on either side. The faucet must be mounted either on the rim of the bath tub or just outside of the bathtub in the middle. Since both ends are elevated, it is not practical for the faucet to be placed at either end.

Both cast iron and acrylic are used to create double slipper bathtubs. You may also find a dual slipper bathtub in a pedestal design. You can find copper double slipper tubs too. The main difference is that the angle at which you recline on either end may be different than in a claw foot tub.

Claw Tub Foot Finish Options:

Customize your soaking tub's claw feet! With the drop down menu, you can choose from Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Upon request, some other colors may be available.

Faucet Options:

 Freestanding Faucets: The faucet is mounted on a stand and is not connected to the soaking tub or to the bathroom wall. All of our tub faucets are available in Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Brushed Nickel. Other finishes are available upon request.

When you would like to bring value in your home or apartment, add any of these amazing freestanding tubs and taps in the bath room.

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The Miller comes as a pristine white Clawfoot Slipper tub or with a stunning Faux Copper finish (Copper Miller). 

View or Download the Bathtub SchematicClawfoot GuideDrain Guide &  Faucet Guide

Select A Finish Oil Rubbed Bronze
Sink Style No
Countertop Style No
Featured No
PDF Link Clawfoot Guide, Drain & Overflow Guide
Manufacturer The Tub Connection
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