69" Double Slipper Acrylic Bathtub on Pedestal

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69 inch Double Slipper Pedestal Tub - DSA69P-882

Check out this oh-so-modern Double Slipper Pedestal Bathtub.

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You will adore it! Our elegant freestanding bathtubs produce the very deepest water level plus they are for that reason remarkably beneficial. You will have the opportunity to recline and relax. Not only are our deep water soaking tubs beneficial, but each is stunning.

The exterior on any one of our bath tubs can be customized with the paint colour of your choice. The bath tubs are exquisite. Whichever tub that you pick out, it will be a superb furnishing for your home.

        Tub Features:

  • Acrylic Bathtub
  • Color: White
  • Tub Weight: 100 pounds
  • Water Capacity: 53 Gallons
  • Water Depth: 17" (to the rim)
  • Faucet Configurations: No rim holes / 7" rim holes
  • Warranty: The bathtub has a one (1) year warranty on the acrylic and exterior hand-painted finish

    Custom Designed Tubs

Bath tubs which are hand painted a solitary color is going to on the loading dock for shipment within 3-4 weeks once it is hand-painted. The paint is custom-mixed at a laboratory. It will take approximately a week to get the color after our team places the order ...... As soon as you can once a bathtub has been ordered the customer will need to email a client service agent the color formula of the paint color you have decided on. Our preference is that you use Sherwin Williams paint cards and that will accelerate the process up a little.

Designer hand-painted bath tubs (Copper Bronze, Patina, Rustic, and Zebra & Burnished Gold) may take 4-6 work weeks to ship when the request for the custom tub is placed. Preparation will begin when an email message is received from customer to provide paint color details; which is given at the time the order was made.

Custom made Tiled Bathtubs (Tiled, Crinkled Copper ) may well require up to 4 to 6 work weeks before shipping once the glass tile has been is received in our application department from our provider. The tile is only obtained as soon as an email message has been gotten from the buyer to confirm the color details; that was supplied at the time the order was placed.

In the case that you have a time-crunch, with an additional $150.00 we can advance your purchase to the front of the tub customization line. Kindly bear in mind that this fee is to expedite the customization of the bath tub solely. These additional monies don't have anything to with actually ordering the materials for the bathtub nor the shipping and/or delivery time. Doing this is a convenient method to cut back the timetable by approximately one half, that being said, because of the "hands-on" craftsmanship of our unique designer bathtubs, our team won't be able to guarantee the exact time.

    Call for more information 877-795-5684

Have you been seeking the best freestanding pedestal or claw bathtub for your home ? We, at The Tub Connection, have on hand a huge selection to pick from. No matter the size of your bathroom, The Tub Connection as the perfect frees standing tub for you. The Tub Connection provides Affordable Elegance to fine residences across the globe. A warm water bath is definitely a perfect technique in order to soak away the tender muscle mass from the work day plus it will promote a calming mood. At the same time, a soak in a nice deep bathtub of hot water is healthy and balanced, a freestanding bathtub will be without a doubt the centerpiece of your bathroom.

You could select from deep soaking tubs that includes an option of attributes to portray the design plan you want from your bath room.


When it comes to the vintage style tubs, the slipper clawfoot bathtub layout is the most-popular style. There are 2 various designs of slipper bathtub for you to pick from. The solitary slipper and also the double slipper. The solitary slipper bathtub has one end of the bath tub increased with a reclined back. This allows one to loosen up as they bathe and also it takes any type of stress off of the back as well as neck (when compared with various other tubs which do not have an increased end). A double slipper tub has both ends of the bath tub increased. This permits sloping at either end of the tub and also these designs tend to be roomier compared to the solitary slipper tubs. Slipper tubs will certainly vary in how much the raised or sloped tub wall raises. Be sure to check out the inside floor-space to make sure that you understand how much room you have to stretch your body in the tub. Enjoy this amazing bath tub & build the value of your house.


Dual slipper bath tubs have more area than any other style of bath. With lengths of 70 inches or more, these bath tubs are the longest soaker tub you can normally find. A dual slipper tub also supplies plenty of support for you to recline restfully as you bathe.

If you opt to have a faucet installed on the tub, the model necessitates that it be mounted in the middle of the tub on the deck, or rim, of the tub. You may opt for a model with allows for the faucet to be mounted on the rim of the bath tub or you may choose a freestanding faucet too.

Both cast iron and acrylic are used to create dual slipper bathtubs. Dual slippers are also available in copper, and it these bath tubs are available in a pedestal tub design as well. The main difference is that the angle at which you recline on either end may be different than in a claw foot bath tub.


Dual ended tubs have been created to allow an individual to recline as they soak. They are even longer than the rolled rim tubs. This is a terrific feature for those really wanting a longer bath tub for their home. Faucets are positioned on the side of the bath tub on the rim in the middle of the bath tub. This is the main difference in the design when compared to the rolled rim bath tubs.


Rolled rim bathtubs are the most well-known type of clawfoot tub you could find. The layout is simple, yet attractive at the same time. The foot end of the tub is where the faucet is placed. A bath tub may be designed to allow for a deck placed faucet or a tub wall installed faucet. Wall placed faucets are only available in cast iron models. The opposite end of the tub is slightly inclined which permits for a person to lounge and relax as they soak.

A couple of the additional items you must consider other than design, is going to be the overall length and the diameter of the bathtub to be sure it fills the permitted space suitably and that you are able to stretch out in the tub comfortably.

To add to the finishing touch to the tub the claw feet can be repainted. Painting the claw feet with color different from the tub can high-light the elaborate style of the claw feet.

       Clawtub Foot Finish Options:

Customize your soaking tub's claw feet! The following finishes are available to choose from the drop down menu: Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.
Other colors may be made available upon request.

     Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Options:

If you don't know much about how bathtub faucets can be mounted, please see the definitions below:

Bathtub Deck Mount Faucets: The rim of the bathtub is also called the "deck", which is why a faucet positioned in the rim of the bathtub is called a "deck mount" faucet.
-Bathtub Wall Mount Faucets: Openings are drilled into the walls of the bathtub, and the faucet is mounted in these openings. This kind of faucet is different from Wall Mount Faucets, which are explained below.
-Wall Mount Faucets: Holes must be drilled in the wall of your bathroom to set up this style of faucet; no openings will need to be drilled in the soaking tub itself.
--Freestanding Faucets: No holes are drilled in the soaking tub itself; the faucet is set up on a stand separately from the tub or bathroom wall. All of these types of tub faucets are available in Polished Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Brushed Nickel. Other finishes are available upon request.

It doesn't matter which tub you buy, it really will be magnificent and will certainly increase the monetary worth of your property.

*Call for more information (877) 795-5684

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Check out this oh-so-modern Double Slipper Pedestal Bathtub.
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