69"  Acrylic Double Slipper Tub Complete Plumbing Package

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69 inch Acrylic Double Slipper Tub Package (TTC398684) - Gasconade

Gasconade is truly one of our most elegant acrylic tubs. This double slipper pedestal tub has two ends sweeping up to create a most posh appearance.

Installation Pdf's available Faucet & Supply Line Guide, Drain - Overflow Guide & Island-Tub-Drain Guide

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You will feel like royalty when you bathe in the beautiful, Gasconade! This amazing 69" x 32" Acrylic Double Slipper bathtub is a gem with its free standing pedestal base. The Gasconade is one of the most elegant tubs we have. The tub is a freestanding pedestal style that is all one piece. Both ends sweep up three full inches for the glam-look. The tub comes with a set of freestanding water supply ines and an English Telephone Faucet. This style of faucet is also known as a gooseneck faucet.The tub requires a floor drain and you can make the installation much easier by installing an Island floor Drain.

 This Complete Plumbing Package Includes:

  • TTC398684 Freestanding Supply Lines Complete with Shutoff Valves & Escutcheons, and Gooseneck Faucet with British Telephone Style Hand Held Shower

 Acrylic Double Slipper Tub: 

  • Double Ended Slipper Tub Styling
  • Gasconade Tub Dimensions 69" x 32"
  • 14 1/2 inches to overflow 
  • No Faucet Holes  
  • Includes DRAIN & OVERFLOW (TTC007) - Available in Polished Chrome ONLY
  • Make the installation easier by adding the Island Tub Floor Drain - ITD35 Sold Separately
  • In-Stock and available with FREE SHIPPING
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Defect Warranty for Tub
  • Beautiful!
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Defect Warranty for Plumbing
  • Exquisite Styling
  • No Faucet Holes
  • For use with Free Standing or Bathroom Wall Faucet
  • Call Toll Free 877-795-5684 for RUSH Shipping Options

Your Faucet Package: 


Freestanding Gooseneck Faucet:

  • Adjustable from 3-3/8" centers up to 12" centers
  • 1/4 Turn Valves
  • Diverter valve
  • English Telephone Faucet
  • Hand Held Shower Unit
  • Solid Brass
  • English Telephone Faucet
  • 5 ft. Hose
  • Porcelain Lever Handles
  • OR Metal Lever Handles
  • Ceramic Cartridges

Freestanding Supply Lines:

  • Floor Escutcheons
  • Standard 1/2" IPS Female in Floor Connections
  • Supply Line Wall Braces - 5/8" x 12" (May be shortened)
  • Shut Off Valves
  • Fit All Series for Height Adjustments from 24 1/2" to 32"
  • Freestanding Water Supply Lines

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*Customization Of A Tub

-- Tubs which are painted a solitary colour is going to be available for transport within 3-4 weeks after being painted. The color is actually blended by our supplier. It takes about a week to receive the color once we order it ... The paint color is ordered when an e-mail is received in our office directly from the client to verify paint details; that is presented when the order was made. We prefer you use Sherwin Williams color cards because it will expedite the entire process.

-- Individualized bath tubs which involve more than just a single paint color to produce, like the Copper Bronze may take up to six weeks in order to ship.Preparation can start whenever an email message is received from client to confirm color details; which was given when the order was made.

In case you are in a time-crunch, paying an extra $150.00 we will fast track your purchase on to the front of our production line. Please keep in mind that the flat fee is simply in order to fast track the customization of the bathtub only. This specific expense does NOT address the fee pertaining to fast freight shipping of the tub or materials. This particular method can reduce the amount of time by nearly 1/2 but this is not necessarily an absolute because once more, designing these kinds of specific tubs are actually incredibly intensive.

*To learn more call (877) 795-5684

In case you're seeking a totally unique freestanding bath tub, look at this inventory selection claw and/or pedestal bath tubs. Regardless of the dimension of your bath room, we have a bath tub for your house. The Tub Connection provides Affordable Elegance to quality homes all around the globe. Frequent, long warm water baths can be a great means that one may soothe stress and anxiety on hurting necks, shoulders and backs. It really is able to assist to create a healthful balance in your system. These deep bath tubs good for your body, these tubs are incredibly lovely in any house.

You can select from deep soaker bathtubs with a selection of attributes to will create the style that you want for your bathroom.


When it comes to the classic style bath tubs, the slipper clawfoot tub layout is the most-popular style. There are two different designs of slipper tub for you to select from. The solitary slipper as well as the double slipper. The solitary slipper tub has one end of the tub increased with a reclined back. This enables one to loosen up as they bathe and also it takes any type of tension off of the back and also neck (when as compared to other tubs which do not have actually an elevated end). A double slipper tub has both finishes of the tub increased. This permits reclining at either end of the tub and these designs have the tendency to be roomier than the solitary slipper tubs. Slipper tubs will vary in how much the raised or sloped bathtub wall increases. Be sure to consider the inside floor so that you know just how much room you have to stretch your body in the bathtub. Enjoy a lovely tub and increase the value of your home.


Larger than almost any other style of bath tub, dual slipper bath tubs offer more area than any other style you could buy. With lengths of 70" or more, these bathtubs are the longest soaking tub you can normally find. With a longer length, you can effortlessly fit two people in the bathtub at a time. A dual slipper tub also provides plenty of support for you to recline in comfort as you bathe.

These bathtubs require the faucet to be installed at either side of the bathtub near the middle. There are a few distinct faucet models which can be used with this style of bathtub. You may choose a deck positioned faucet or you can select one that is a freestanding design.

Both acrylic and cast iron are used to create dual slipper bath tubs. You may also discover a double slipper tub in a pedestal design. You can find copper double slipper bathtubs too. If you look at a copper bath tub or a pedestal tub, you may notice that in some tubs, the angle at which a person reclines is a little different than you would find in a dual slipper clawfoot bath tub.

Some of the additional items you will want to think about apart from style, is going to be the height and the depth of any tub to be sure it fits the allowed space sufficiently and that you can stretch your legs out inside it in a relaxed position.

Buying any one of our bathtubs and tap options definitely will add elegance and prosperity in your house.

*To learn more call (877) 795-5684

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Here Is How To Clean Acrylic Tub:
Here is the right way you must clean your new acrylic tub. Add some lukewarm water in to the tub and add some soft soap to the water, about 3 or 4 squeezes. Use a soft washcloth to cleanse the tub down. Drain water and always rinse the entire tub to get rid of whatever residual from the soap.

Kaboom Foam-Tastic Bathroom Cleaner is an additional product that totally does a fantastic job of cleaning. Wet the tub and spray the Kaboom on it. The Kaboom will be purple when it lands on the tub, however, it will turn white to signal that the cleaning is done and you are able to then scrub the tub with a soft cloth. Next as usual, rinse off well with water.

Cleaning your tub will definitely be best if you wash it consistently. Working with a non-abrasive cleaning product is best, as an abrasive cleaner like Comet could really damage your tub.

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Gasconade is truly one of our most elegant acrylic tubs. This double slipper pedestal tub has two ends sweeping up to create a most posh appearance.

Installation Pdf's available Faucet & Supply Line Guide, Drain - Overflow Guide & Island-Tub-Drain Guide

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SKU TCHY1082 -TTC398684PK
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