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70 inch Acrylic Pedestal Tub Complete Plumbing Package (TTC463D-6) - Lewis

You'll find that our Lewis has a high gloss finish that makes this stylish acrylic double ended pedestal tub the perfect addition to any bathroom design or re-design project!

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Bathtub Schematic,  Drain w/Overflow Guide, Faucet Guide, Clawfoot Guide, Deckmount Supply Lines Guide 

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Our Lewis pedestal tub will look so regal in your bathroom. The double ended tub rests in the pedestal and it fits like a glove. The tub and pedestal are two separate pieces that are perfectly paired together. We have also paired some amazing plumbing with this tub. The British Telephone faucet sits on a six inch riser on the deck or rim of the tub. We have also included the fancy exposed deckmount water supply lines and the Drain & Overflow assembly. This complete package is just what you have been looking for.

This Complete Plumbing Package Includes:

  • TTC463D-6 Bullnose Faucet with British Telephone Style Hand Held Shower, and 6" Deck Mount Risers (Mount on Rim of Tub)
  • TTC341D Supply Lines Complete with Shutoff Valves and Escutcheons
  • TTC1900LTB Modern Lift and Turn Drain & Overflow Assembly

 Acrylic Double Ended Pedestal Bathtub:

  • Bathtub Dimensions: 30" x 70"
  • Top Quality Acrylic Construction
  • Weighing in at 100 lbs.
  • Five Year Manufacturer Warranty on Plumbing
  • Tub & Pedestal are two pieces
  • NOTE: Tub has a flat spot on rim
  • 14 inches to overflow
  • Capacity: 56 Gallons of Water
  • One Year Manufacturers Warranty on Tub

Drain & Overflow Assembly:

  • One size fits all
  • Lift & Turn Drain
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 1 1/2" Tubing
  • Solid Brass
  • Contemporary Styling
  • Floor Escutcheon
  • Decorative Overflow Cover

British Telephone Faucet:

  • 6" Deck Mount Risers
  • 7" to Center Faucet Spread
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Hand Held Shower
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 10 GPM
  • Ceramic Cartridges
  • 1/4 Turn Valves
  • Metal cross handles

Deckmount Supply Lines: 

  • 1/2" solid brass tubing construction
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Decorative Floor Escutcheons
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Goes into threaded 1/2" IPS
  • Adjustable Height 1/2" 
  • Deck Mount Supply Lines 

It is easy to place an order, merely call us at 877.795.5684.

*Custom Tubs

- Solid Colored hand painted bathtubs will ship 3-4 working weeks once the color arrives to The Tub Connection from our professional mixer. It will take around a week to receive the paint once we order it ...... The color is only ordered once email is received in our office from the client to authenticate color specifics; that is given when the purchase was placed. We prefer you work with Sherwin Williams paint cards and that will accelerate the entire process.

-- Designer hand painted Bathtubs (Copper Bronze) can take up to 4-6 weeks to ship once the purchase is received. Preparation can start when an email is received from customer in order to establish paint color info; which was given when the order was made.

-Our company will be able to shift your Custom Bathtub to the front line of our customization line for $150.00. This expense is in addition to any original prices related to the purchasing and/or personalization of a tub. This fee merely transfers the tub to the beginning of the customization line. Expedited shipping and/or delivery is an independent payment from this particular one. Doing this option is going to slash the time by nearly half but it is not a guarantee considering once again, painting these kinds of particular tubs are literally remarkably workmanship - intense.

*To learn more call 877.795.5684

Have you been hunting for the ideal freestanding pedestal style or claw foot tub for your house ? Our team feature a substantial inventory one can pick from. These vintage style of bathtubs will be seen within the most exquisite homes. It does not matter if a bathroom is bigger or small. Regular, deep baths can be a excellent way to soothe anxiety on hurting necks, shoulders and backs. It will be able to help to renew a healthy harmony in your body. Not only are these deep soaking tubs good for you, they are astonishingly beautiful in a house.

Certainly there are so many different types of bathtubs that one may pick from to create the appeal you wish to have in your bathroom.


Comparable in look to the rolled rim bath tubs, a Dual-ended bath tub is also consistent in height from someone end to the other. For those bath tubs which are manufactured for it, a mounted faucet would be placed on the rim of the bath tub in the middle. As opposed to a rolled rim bath tub, Dual-ended bath tubs allow for a person to recline while they bathe.


The vintage type rolled rim clawfoot tub was formerly introduced over a century ago. At the flat end of the bath tub you may choose to install a bath faucet if you have selected a version that is designed for faucets. Some designs allow for a faucet to be placed on the inside surface of the bath tub. Others permit the faucet to be positioned on the rim of the tub. The other end of the tub is ideal for laying back to enjoy a wonderful soaking experience.

A couple of the additional items you need to think about in addition to appearance, is the height and the diameter of any bathtub to be sure it fits the allowed space appropriately and that you are able to stretch out in it in a relaxed position.

Ordering any one of our Victorian bathtubs and faucet products will add beauty and affluence to your estate.

* Got questions? Contact us at (877) 795-5684 

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Here Is How To Clean Acrylic Tub:
Cleaning your acrylic tub is very straightforward. Right here are a number of ideas that will help to keep your tub looking new. Consistently use as soft pad when cleaning the tub. Use the spigot to add some water to the tub and squeeze some Dawn Dish soap or soft soap into the water and wipe the tub. Empty the water and rinse out with clear water.

Kaboom Foam-Tastic Bathroom Cleaner is one more product that really does a marvelous work of cleaning. Moisten the tub and spray the Kaboom on it. The Kaboom will be purple when it lands on the tub, however, it will change white to indicate that the cleaning is done and you can then rub the tub with a soft rag. Next as recommended, flush well with water.

Cleaning your tub is going to be best if you sanitize it consistently. Choosing a non-abrasive cleaning product is best, as an abrasive cleaner like Comet could literally damage your tub.

The Tub Connection does not endorse any product and everyone needs to verify product appropriateness before using.

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You'll find that our Lewis has a high gloss finish that makes this stylish acrylic double ended pedestal tub the perfect addition to any bathroom design or re-design project!

View or Download the  Bathtub Schematic,  Drain w/Overflow Guide, Faucet Guide, Clawfoot Guide, Deckmount Supply Lines Guide 

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