67 inch Dual End Tub , Wood Pedestal, Faucet & Drain - LT4-C-BN Tella 01

67 inch Dual End Tub, Wood Pedestal, Faucet & Drain - LT4-C-BN Tella

Fabulous tub and faucet package!

View Installation Instructions  here.


This is the most amazing look, our gorgeous Trella tub sitting on a wooden pedestal base! A double ended tub like this allows you to recline at each either end of the tub, This tub has no faucet holes so we have included a plumbing package that includes freestanding water lines that connect to your house water lines. You also get a gooseneck or English Telephone style faucet and a toe tap drain & overflow. Acrylic is a light weight product that makes this tub light weight so it can be installed in any room.

Tub Features are:

  • Hand Held Shower
  • High gloss
  • Stain resistant 
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install 
  • Metal Cross Handles
  • Free Standing Supply Lines
  • Toe Tap Drain & Overflow Assembly
  • Slip-resistant bottom 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Metal Cross Handles
  • White Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 66”L x 29”W x 22” H
  • Gooseneck Style Faucet
  • Water Depth: 13-4/5″
  • Water Capacity: 74 gallons
  • Weight (empty/full): 106 lbs. /612 lbs.

It is simple to place an order, simply call 877-795-5684.

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Acrylic is Easy to Clean-

Right here is information about how one ought to wash your brand-new acrylic bathtub. Add some warm water in to the tub and add a measure of dish soap to the tub water, approximately 3 to 4 squirts. Work with a soft washcloth to clean the bathtub really good. Drain water and always rinse the whole bathtub to get rid of all residual the soap may leave.

Kaboom Foam-Tastic Bathroom Cleaner is an additional product that really does a very good work of cleaning. Wet the tub and spray the Kaboom on it. The Kaboom is going to be purple when it reaches the tub, however, it is going to change white to indicate that the cleaning is done and you are able to then wipe the tub with a soft cloth. After that as usual, rinse well with water.

Cleaning your tub will certainly be best if you sanitize it consistently. Working with a non-abrasive cleaning product is best, as an abrasive cleaner like Comet may literally damage your tub.

The Tub Connection doesn't endorse products and consumers need to verify all product appropriateness before using.

Unclogging a Drain:

If your tub or shower drain is clogged with tangled hair or debris right at the top of the drain it needs to be cleaned. Use a pair of needle nosed pliers to grab any obvious clogs and pull them out of the drain. Snag as much of the debris that you are able to utilizing the pliers. Run some water into the bath tub to observe the rate at which it drains.

When added attention is required you should pour a pot of boiling hot water down the drain. Dump in approximately 1/2 c. baking soda.And then, put approximately 1 c. vinegar and also very quickly cover with a drain stopper (to keep the response down in the drain pipe) if you have one and allow it sit for 5-10 minutes. Flush again with a pan of hot water. Clean with a washrag in order to see the luster on the finish.

How To Clean Your Bathroom Fixtures-
The best cleansing technique for shower heads and spouts depends upon composition of the fixture. To eliminate lime from showerheads made with chrome, stainless-steel, or various other protected metal exteriors, fill a ziplock bag with white vinegar. Secure the bag over the showerhead with an elastic band. Wait one hour or so, then take off the bag of vinegar and switch on the shower to wash away the vinegar and mineral deposits. Clean with a soft rag.

If you have shower trim with oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, polished chrome or brass finishes, it is generally strongly recommend that you use just water for cleansing. This is especially important of fixtures with dark finishes that are in style. Consult to cleanser's care instructions considering that cleansers could damage a specialized surface. And if unsure, you should always test a cleaning product on an unnoticeable part of the fixture so that any sort of markings to the finish is not easy to identify.

Create the contemporary bath of your dreams with this stylish rectangle tub from Giagni. The Tella tub integrates bold straight lines with sloped backrests for ergonomic comfort, making it ideal for any modern home. Made from high-gloss, stain resistant acrylic this tub is will provide years of satisfaction while the stone resin composite used between the two layers of acrylic ensure rigidity and superior heat retention for the ultimate bathing experience. Paired with a wall Mounted faucet, this tub package is perfect for rooms where space is limited.

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Additional Info
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Fabulous tub and faucet package!

View Installation Instructions  here.

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