72" Westscott Bisque Dual Tub with Plinth, Drain and Wall Mount Faucet with Hand Shower and Lever Handles, Oil Rubbed Bronze

72 inch Bisque Double-Sided Pedestal-Tub Plumbing Pkg - LW1-ORB-B

You will love this elegant Bisque Dual Sided Pedestal Tub with the Oil Rubbed Bronze Plumbing Package. This is a lovely combination.

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People will definitely delight in sinking into any of our bisque or white pedestal tubs. The deepest soaking water functions like hydro therapy and it helps one to sit back and to wind down at the end of the night. In case you are looking for an especially gorgeous bathtub, then you have at long last found it!

The 72 inch Double Ended Pedestal bath tubs are perfect right down to the beautiful quality plumbing that is included with the purchase. Whichever bathtub that you go with, it will be a perfect addition to your house.


Wescott 72" Double-Sided Pedestal Tub
Water Depth 14-4/5"
Wall Mount Faucet Package:
Classic Telephone Faucet with Hand Shower and Lever Handles
Drain and Overflow Assembly 
Oil Rubbed Bronze
High gloss, stain resistant acrylic and maintenance free ceramic disc cartridges
Limited Lifetime Warranty

*Customization Of A Bathtub

-- Once the clients paint has been mixed up by our lab and then shipped here to our paint team, the single-solid paint is hand painted onto the bathtub and then it will be shipped out within approx 3 or 4 weeks. It takes approximately a week to receive the paint after our staff orders it ...... The paint color is ordered after an e mail is received in our office from the client to authenticate paint information; that is given when the purchase was made. Our preference is that you only work with Sherwin Williams paint swatches and it will definitely accelerate the entire process.

-- Specialty tubs that involve more than just a solitary color to manufacture may take up to 6 wks to ship as a result of the workmanship called for in order to satisfy the request; good examples concerning this would be a Patina or Copper Bronze finish or a Zebra stripped tub. Production shall begin as soon as an e-mail is received in our office from purchaser to verify color information; which was given as the order was placed.

Mirrored Tiles and Crinkled Copper are literally placed by hand and thus quite labor-intensive. These materials are typically shipped to The Tub Connection after a bathtub purchase has been given and will usually require up to 4 - 6 wks for production time until shipment. Mirrored Tile is ordered immediately after email is sent from the buyer confirming the color option details; that was supplied when the request was placed.

In the case that you find yourself in a sort of time-crunch, with an additional $150 we can advance your order on to the front of the tub customization line. Kindly take note that this charge is in order to accelerate the personalization of the bath tub exclusively. This specific expense simply pushes a bath tub on up to the beginning of the artisan's work line. Fast shipping is a different payment from this one. Doing this will reduce the amount of time to apply the tub design by about one half. As a result of varying processes concerning personalizing a bathtub, we won't guarantee exact dates/time.

*To learn more call 877.795.5684

Have you been looking for the ideal freestanding pedestal or claw bathtub for a home ? We, at The Tub Connection, possess a large variety one can choose from. Our bathtubs can be seen in the bath rooms the beautifully adorned condominiums; bearing in mind all these bath tubs are actually very affordable and are a perfect addition bath tub any style of room, large or small. Soaking in a bath tub regularly is a calming way in which to lower tenseness and anxieties and it increases health and recuperation. Any of these deep bath tubs healthier for you, they are always quite exquisite in the home.

We have many dimensions and designs of bath tubs so that you can possess your dream bath room.


Unlike rolled rim bath tubs, Dual-ended bath tubs have both ends manufactured to make it possible for an individual to recline as they bathe. These tubs tend to be longer than the prior design too. Faucets are positioned on the side of the tub on the rim in the middle of the bath tub. This is the main difference in the style when compared to the rolled rim tubs


When it concerns the vintage design bathtubs, the slipper clawfoot bathtub design is the most-popular design. There are two various styles of slipper tub for you to pick from. The solitary slipper as well as the double slipper. The single slipper bathtub has one end of the bathtub elevated with a reclined back. This makes it possible for one to unwind as they bathe as well as it takes any stress off of the back and also neck (when as compared to various other tubs which do not have actually an elevated end). A double slipper tub has both finishes of the bath tub raised. This permits reclining at either end of the tub as well as these designs tend to be roomier compared to the solitary slipper tubs. Slipper tubs will vary in how much the elevated or sloped tub wall increases. Be sure to check out the interior floor-space to make sure that you know just how much room you have to stretch your body in the tub. Purchase this amazing bath tub & build the wealth of your home.


With two raised ends, the dual slipper has more room for taking a bath than any other style offers. They reach lengths of up to 70 inches or more.

Double slipper bathtubs are designed so that the faucet is mounted in the middle of the tub on the rim. If you have a freestanding faucet, it should be installed outside of the bathtub in the same position.

Dual slipper bathtubs are available in both acrylic and cast iron. Like all of the other variety of bath tubs remember that cast iron is far heavier than any other bath tub material. Acrylic is much lighter, so it may be used to create bath tubs which are very big.

Dual slipper bathtubs are available in both cast iron and acrylic. Double slippers are also available in copper, and it these tubs are available in a pedestal bathtub design as well. The main difference is that the angle at which you recline on either end may be different than in a claw foot tub.


The Classic Rolled Rim design is the most basic type of freestanding tub. Rolled-rim bathtubs have been around for more than one hundred years. At the foot of the tub you will discover that the end is where the faucet would be installed. In some cases the faucet would be installed on the deck itself while at other times a faucet would be installed on the inside of the tub on the wall surface. The wall installed faucets are only offered in cast iron bath tubs. The other end of the bath tub is inclined. This end enables someone to recline and loosen up as they bathe.

Besides the appearance of the tub, you may additionally have to take into account what exactly the bath tub is crafted from & the measurements.

Free Standing Tub Faucet Options:

If you don't know much about how bath tub faucets are mounted, please see the definitions below:

-Bathtub Deck Mount Faucets: The rim of a bath tub is also called the "deck", which is why a faucet mounted in the rim of a soaking tub is called a "deck mount" faucet.
-Bathtub Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is placed in openings that are drilled into the walls of the bath tub. This type of faucet should not be confused with Wall Mount Faucets, which are described below.
-Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is positioned in the wall of your bathroom; no holes are drilled into the bath tub itself.
-Freestanding Faucets: This kind of faucet does not require that openings be drilled into the tub or bathroom wall; the faucet is mounted on a stand. All our tub faucets are offered with a variety of different finishes: Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze, with additional choices available upon request.

It doesn't matter which clawfoot bathtub you purchase, it really will be beautiful and it will definitely add to the value of your real estate.

*To learn more call 877.795.5684


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Additional Info
Short Description You will love this elegant Bisque Dual Sided Pedestal Tub with the Oil Rubbed Bronze Plumbing Package. This is a lovely combination.
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