72" Westscott Bisque Dual Tub with Plinth, Drain, Support Brace and Floor Mount Faucet with Hand Shower and Lever Handles, Oil Rubbed Bronze

72 inch Bisque Dual-Ended Pedestal Tub w/ Freestanding Plumbing - LW2-ORB-B

Our 72 inch Bisque Dual-Ended Pedestal Tub with Freestanding Tub Filler Package includes: Classic Telephone Faucet with Hand Shower and Lever Handles, Drain and Support Brace in Oil Rubbed Bronze

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You will like soaking in any of our freestanding pedestal tubs. The deepest water can be a water therapy and it really serves to help one to sit back and wind down by the end of the night. If ever you are trying to find an especially elegant bathtub, now you have at long last found it! Our bathtubs provide you with an exterior surface which could be customized with paint.

Our 72 inch Bisque Dual-Ended Pedestal Tub with Freestanding Plumbing is a great selection for those people seeking a vintage style bathtub that will undoubtedly compliment any type of bathroom.


LW2-ORB-B Wescott 72" Dual Tub with pedestal
Bisque Color
Water Depth 14-4/5"
Freestanding Tub Filler Package:
Classic Telephone Faucet with Hand Shower and Lever Handles
Drain and Support Brace
Oil Rubbed Bronze
High gloss, stain resistant acrylic and maintenance free ceramic disc cartridges
Limited Lifetime Warranty

*Custom Painted Bathtubs

-- Bath tubs that are custom painted a solitary color is going to be ready for shipment within just 3-4 weeks after having been painted by our artisan. The paint will be custom mixed by our supplier. It takes approximately 1 week to get the color after our staff orders it ...... As soon as possible after the bath tub was bought and the buyer has expressed their wish with regards to a customized painted tub, the purchaser will have to submit an email to our client service department to furnish the paint formula to get the needed personalized paint color. Our preference is that you only use Sherwin Williams colour swatches and this will accelerate the entire process.

-- A bath tub that requires an artist's skills, which includes: Zebra Strips, Burnished Gold, Patina or Copper Bronze Finish, will take four to six weeks before we can ship after an purchase is made. Preparation can start when an e-mail has been received from buyer so as to provide paint color details; that was indicated as the order was placed.

-- Custom-made Glass-tiled Bath Tubs (Tiled, Crinkled Copper ) may take 4 to 6 full weeks before shipping once the tile has been received in-house from our vendor. Mirrored Tile is obtained when an email message has been received from the customer to provide the color information; that was offered when the specialty order was submitted.

Our staff will advance your Customized Bath tub to the front line of our production line for $150. This particular charge is in addition to all original prices associated with the buying and/or customization of a bath tub. This particular fee does NOT address the fee connected with expedited SHIPPING of the tub or the associated materials. It is a quick and easy way in which to shorten the turn around time by approx one half, but bear in mind, as a result of the "actual hands on" workmanship of these hand-painted tubs, we can't guarantee the exact date & time.

*Call for more information 877-795-5684

A lovely cast iron or acrylic Free standing clawfoot or pedestal style bathtub is one of the most impressive & original bath tub designs which anyone can possibly make a selection from. These bathtubs can be seen in the master bathrooms of the beautifully decorated home or apartments; bearing in mind that these bathtubs are really inexpensive and are an excellent tub every type of room, large or small-sized. Soaking in a tub habitually is truly a relaxing means to decrease tightness as well as anxiousness and it improves health and recuperation. These deep bathing tubs good for your body, these tubs are quite exquisite in any home.

There really are many different styles of bathtubs to choose to create the look you want in your bath room.


When it comes to the classic style tubs, the slipper clawfoot tub design is the most-popular design. There are two various designs of slipper tub for you to choose from. The single slipper and the double slipper. The single slipper tub has one end of the bathtub raised with a reclined back. This enables one to relax as they bathe as well as it takes any type of anxiety off of the back and neck (when as compared to other tubs which do not have actually an increased end). A double slipper tub has both finishes of the bath tub increased. This enables sloping at either end of the bathtub and these versions tend to be roomier than the single slipper tubs. Slipper tubs will differ in how much the raised or sloped bathtub wall raises. Make certain to check out the interior floor-space to make sure that you are aware of just how much room you have to stretch out in the bathtub. Choose this amazing tub and invest in the worth of your home.


A double slipper bath is the largest design of tub you will be able to find. With loads of room for two adults, these are the bathtubs which have the most space. The extra area is one of the elements which makes these bathtubs so popular. When you look at a dual slipper bathtub, you will notice that it offers a distinct blending of elements that you find in other tubs. Reclining in one is so effortless. With two raised slipper ends, this tub is idea for relaxing while you soak. Like the dual ended bathtub, a double slipper bathtub is designed so that the faucet is installed on the side of the bathtub in the middle. With the raised ends, it is important to place the faucet near the middle of the bath tub.

Dual slipper tubs are available in both cast iron and acrylic. You may also find a dual slipper bath tub in a pedestal style. You can find copper dual slipper bath tubs too. The main difference is that the angle at which you recline on either end may be different than in a claw foot bathtub.


Dual-ended bath tubs have been designed to allow someone to recline as they bathe. They have a greater length too. This is a person of the more popular features of this style. Faucets are mounted on the side of the tub on the rim in the middle of the bath tub. This is the main variation in the style when compared to the rolled rim bath tubs.


The classic rolled rim bath tubs are the earliest style of clawfoot bath tubs. One end of this type of bathtub is flat. The other end is sloped somewhat. In the case that a faucet is to be set up on the bath tub itself, it will be installed at the flat end. Either inside the bath tub or on the rim. The opposite end from the faucet is constructed to permit a person to recline while they have a bath.

In addition to looking good, you may additionally need to take into account what the bathtub is made from & the measurements.

Depending on the brand, the clawfeet on the free standing bath tub can be extremely ornamented or perhaps far more simple. Don't forget to inspect the feet on the tub thoroughly to become aware of the choices. Clawfeet may be repainted in order to match or contrast the tub.

Clawtub Foot Finish Options:

Customize your bath tub's claw feet! With the drop down menu, you can select one of these three finishes: Polished Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Brushed Nickel.
Some other finishes may be made available upon request.

Free Standing Bathtub Faucet Options:

Before you select from the drop down list, we want to make sure you understand your bathtub faucet choices:

-Bathtub Deck Mount Faucets: A deck mount faucet is mounted on the rim of the tub, which is referred to as the "deck".
-Bathtub Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is positioned in openings that are drilled in the walls of the tub. These should not be confused with Wall Mount Faucets, which are explained below.
-Wall Mount Faucets: The wall of your bathroom must be drilled into to install this type of faucet, but no holes need to be drilled in the bath tub itself.
--Freestanding Faucets: Holes are drilled into the floor rather than the tub or bathroom wall; this style of faucet is mounted on a stand. Each of these bath tub faucets is available in Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Other finishes are available upon request.

Purchasing any of our bath tubs and tub filler products will incorporate beauty and prosperity to your property.

*For questions call 877-795-5684

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