72" Westscott White Dual Tub with Plinth, Lever Handles, Deck Mount Faucet with Hand Shower, Deck Risers, Drain and Supply Lines, Brushed Nickel

72 inch White Double Ended Pedestal Tub & Plumbing Pkg - LW3-BN

You will enjoy this 72 inch double ended pedestal with classic telephone plumbing package in brushed nickel.

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You will like sinking into any of our classic bathtubs. The deep warm water functions like water therapy and it serves to help you to sit back and decompress at the end of the night. If ever you are searching for a totally exquisite tub, then you have definitely found it! The exterior surface on most of our tubs can be individualized with the Sherwin Williams paint color of your choosing.

The The 72 inch White Double Ended Pedestal Tub is exquisite right down to the delicate Brushed Nickel Plumbing Package with Classic Telephone Faucet. Whatever tub you go with, it definitely will be a superb furnishing for your home.


Wescott 72" White Dual Ended Tub
Water Depth 14-4/5"
Includes the following:
Deck Mount Faucet with Hand Shower Deck Risers, Lever Handles,
Drain and Supply Lines
Brushed Nickel
High gloss, stain resistant acrylic and maintenance free ceramic disc cartridges
Limited Lifetime Warranty

*Custom Tubs

- Solid Colored custom-painted tubs will ship out 3-4 working weeks after the paint is delivered to our business directly from the supplier. It takes approximately one week to get the color once we order it ...... Soon after the bathtub was purchased and the customer has expressed their wish with regard to a personalized paint job, the client will need to forward an email to our customer services so as to furnish the colour formula to get the desired custom paint color. Our preference is that you choose Sherwin Williams color sample-cards because this will expedite the entire process.

-- Individualized tubs that necessitate more than just one single color in order to manufacture may take up to six weeks in order to ship considering the artistry expected that one may fulfill the purchase; some examples concerning this would be a Patina or Copper Bronze finish or a Zebra stripped tub. Processing can begin once e-mail is received in our office from purchaser so as to establish color info; which is given when the request was placed.

Hand-crafted bath tubs such as Crinkled Copper and Glass Tiles are literally handmade so the tiling-process is rather time-consuming. Tiles are obtained from our material supplier when bathtubs are purchased. Given the "hands on" time needed, allow 4 to 6 wks before shipping. The tile is procured once email has been sent from the buyer to provide the color code; that was provided at the time the order was placed.

Our company can advance your Personalized Bath tub to the front line of our customization line for $150. This specific set fee is in addition to any original costs related to the buying and/or personalization of a bathtub. This specific payment will NOT include the cost for expedited freight shipping of a bath tub or any necessary materials. Doing this is a quick and easy method to decrease the turn around time by approximately one-half, having said that, because of the "actual hands-on" artistry of these types of designer tubs, our team can not promise the exact date or time.

* Got questions? Contact us at (877) 795-5684

A beautiful acrylic or cast iron Freestanding clawfoot or pedestal style tub is among the most striking & unique bathtub varieties which people might pick from. Our vintage design bath tubs can be found within the most magnificent properties. It does not matter if your bath room is big or small. Soaking in a bathtub routinely is certainly a relaxing method to reduce tightness as well as anxiety and heightens balance and renewal. While a long soak in a super deep bathtub full of warm water is certainly good for you, a freestanding tub will be without a doubt the focal point of any bath room.

We have all length and widths and designs of bathtubs so anyone can have your most dreamed of bath room.


When it comes to the vintage design bathtubs, the slipper clawfoot tub style is the most-popular design. There are two various designs of slipper tub for you to choose from. The solitary slipper as well as the double slipper. The single slipper bathtub has one end of the bath tub elevated with a sloped back. This makes it possible for one to unwind as they bathe as well as it takes any kind of anxiety off of the back as well as neck (when as compared to a few others tubs which do not have an elevated end). A double slipper tub has both ends of the bathtub raised. This permits sloping at either end of the bathtub as well as these versions have the tendency to be roomier than the single slipper tubs. Slipper tubs will certainly differ in how much the elevated or sloped bathtub wall raises. Be sure to take a look at the interior floor-space to make sure that you know just how much area you have to stretch out in the bathtub. Enjoy a lovely tub and build the worth of your home.


A dual slipper bath tub is the biggest style of bath you can find. These gorgeous bath tubs are absolutely spacious enough for two adults and they have plenty of room. The extra area is one of the features which makes these bathtubs so popular. Combining elements that other styles offer, the double slipper is an unique blend of the other types of bathtubs which we offer. It has two raised sides which makes this bathtub so effortless to recline in from either side. The elevated back feature provides plenty of support for your neck and head as you recline. Like the dual ended bath tub, a dual slipper bath tub is designed so that the faucet is mounted on the side of the tub in the middle. Since both ends are elevated, it is not practical for the faucet to be installed at either end.

Both cast iron and acrylic are utilized to create dual slipper bath tubs. You may also find a double slipper bath tub in a pedestal design. You can find copper double slipper tubs too. If you look at a copper tub or a pedestal bath tub, you may discover that in some bath tubs, the angle at which someone reclines is a little different than you would find in a dual slipper clawfoot tub.


Dual ended tubs look like rolled rim bath tubs in some ways, though there are a few variations. Bathtub faucets are installed on the side of the tub in the center instead of at one end. Unlike the vintage rolled rim tubs which have one end for reclining, a Dual-ended bath tub has both ends created to make it possible for an individual to recline while they take a bath. Dual-ended tubs have more area then the rolled rim models. This is because they are typically longer in length. This additional space makes for a more comfortable experience.


Rolled rim bathtubs are the most well-known type of free standing tub you will find. The layout is simple, yet attractive at the same time. The foot end of the tub is where the faucet is placed. It may be placed either on the rim of the bath tub or on the inside wall of cast iron bath tub designs. The opposite end of the bathtub is slightly inclined which allows for a person to recline and relax as they have a bath.

People really want a bathtub that appears stylish, however the measurements of the tub should be considered, too. Will you want to get a cast-iron or acrylic tub? Cast-Iron can actually weigh more than a lighter weight acrylic bathtub. Fortunately each comes in several various dimensions.

The clawfeet on the vintage-style claw tub are actually an additional manner of creating the finishing touches to your whole bath room creation. The claw feet can be found in different color options and even different shapes, which includes; ball feet, Ball and Claw, Lion's Paw, Imperial & Monarch Feet. Every clawfoot design has a distinctive unique shape and variations can occur within each.

Clawtub Foot Finish Options:

Customize your bath tub's claw feet! Choose from these three finishes: Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Polished Chrome.
Upon request, other colors may be available.

Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Options:

If you don't know much about how bathtub faucets may be mounted, please take a look at the definitions below:

-Bathtub Deck Mount Faucets: Openings are drilled in the rim (deck) of the tub, and the faucet is positioned in these openings.
--Bathtub Wall Mount Faucets: Holes are drilled in the side of the bath tub, and the faucet is positioned in these openings.
--Wall Mount Faucets: The wall of your bathroom must be drilled into to mount this type of faucet, but no holes need to be drilled in the tub itself.
-Freestanding Faucets: This style of faucet does not require that openings be drilled into the bathtub or bathroom wall; the faucet is mounted on a stand. All of our soaking tub faucets are offered with a number of different finishes: Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Other finishes are available upon request.

Buying any one of our bathtubs and tap options definitely will add beauty and prosperity to your estate.

*To learn more call (877) 795-5684

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Short Description You will enjoy this 72 inch double ended pedestal with classic telephone plumbing package in brushed nickel.
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