Bath Tubs

The Tub Connection continues to create the most amazing bathtub packages for you. We want your shopping experience to be the best it can be.

Tub & Plumbing Packages

We have paired our beautiful cast iron, acrylic, marble, and copper tubs with faucets that are quality heavy duty brass with the most popular finishes like; highly Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Our packages will include everything you need to install your brand new tub and plumbing fixtures.


There are beautiful vintage style and modern faucets that you have to choose from when considering a tub plumbing package.

The faucets we offer in tub packages are Freestanding Classic Telephone or British Telephone Faucet that comes with a hand-held shower;  English Telephone or Gooseneck Faucet with hand held shower;  and a modern Gooseneck Faucet with shower wand.

Plumbing Packages

The many different bathtub packages include a faucet for the specific tub that you want.  Tubs are available with no faucet holes, deckmount faucet holes or bathtub wall faucet holes.

A tub package for a tub that has no faucet holes will include freestanding supply lines that connect to the home water lines under the floor of the bathroom. The freestanding supply lines should be installed next to the tub.  The house water lines come up and attach to the new water lines and are covered by our decorative floor escutcheons. The package includes a drain & overflow assembly, which moves the bath water from the tub down into the wastewater drain in the bathroom. The faucet of your choice is included.   

A deckmount style tub package is for when the tub has faucet holes drilled into the rim or deck of the tub.  The two water supply lines for the deck mount style of tub package are to be placed directly over the house hot and cold water lines and connected above the floor. The connection is covered by decorative escutcheons, which are included. Of the three holes in the tub rim the one in the center for the faucet stem to sit. The faucet, drain & overflow assembly and the two water supply lines are included.

The tub that has three holes on the inside wall of the tub requires a similar set up as the deckmount style, except that the supply lines are curved at the top so they can connect to the faucet  which is on the inside of the tub, instead of the directly above the tub as with the deckmount style.

For those who desire a more contemporary look with their tub, we have included a freestanding gooseneck tub filler that has the water supply lines inside the cylinder that is the tub filler tower. This freestanding faucet has water lines that connect to the house water lines below the floor. There is a large round base that creates a sturdy foundation for the modern tub filler.

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