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Steam Shower Enclosure

You will be so healthy and balanced if you have a steam shower in your home. The massage therapy jets work to revive exhausted sore muscles and also their use will increase blood circulation throughout the body. Increased blood circulation moves oxygen in the blood system which makes for healthy limbs especially in the elderly and those with diabetes.  With our low prices it  is feasible for you to have this great system in your house.

Many of our Steam Shower Enclosures come equipped with LED lighting so every shower session is like a trip to the disco. It is fun and adds to the restorative nature of the shower experience.

Some of the Steam Shower Enclosures in our large inventory have a bathtub within the enclosure so you can soak for awhile then stand up and use the shower jets to get the blood pumping.  Relax and revive is a nice combination.

The Steam Shower Enclosure with the massage shower jets, rainfall shower heads and LED lighting all works together making a more healthy you.

Shower Tower Column

You will appreciate the spa-like advantages our premium top quality shower towers. These tower showers are all  constructed from resilient corrosion-free construction and is easy-to-install. The simple installation process is that the shower panel attaches straight to existing hot and cold water lines in the shower stall.

Our Shower Tower Columns are offered in the contemporary colors like White, Silver, Brushed Sliver, Black and Stainless Steel.  Anyone of these shower towers will increase the value of your home by making this simple change in your bathroom.

The water controls are available in 2 way, 3 way and 4 way. Each will give the best water flow to eliminate the aches and pains of sore muscles.  If you are a body builder or anyone else who has tired achy muscles and you want to feel better, one of these shower towers will help you to achieve that goal.

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