New Sink Set


A vessel sink is like a permanent decoration for the bathroom or kitchen. Yes, you place pots of flowers and other decor in the room, but when functionality meets exquisite design you have accomplished the goal of fine home furnishing.


It doesn't matter which color of vessel sink you choose the outcome will be the same. You will have chosen a sink that beautiful, fully functional and simple to install and maintain. For any questions you have call our toll free number, 877-795-5684. We can answer all your questions and process your order while you are on the phone. The Tub Connection truly is your one-stop-shop for Vessel Sinks!

Vessel sinks can make a bold statement because of the color or the material of the sink. An Black cabinet or countertop with a pristine White porcelain vessel sink is the classic paring of Ebony and Ivory. Or reverse the color combination to a White cabinet or countertop and a Black marble vessel sink. Either way you have just created an bold statement with color and texture. Vessel sinks in glass can be either tempered glass that is frosted or clear and they both look very fine in any bathroom setting. Vessel sinks for the kitchen may be less common just because it hasn't been fully discovered yet.


We have vessel sinks in a single color, white, red, black, blue and more. We have vessel sinks that are two-tone and multicolored. Your personal design taste is not held back by limited inventory! If you can picture it, we can help you make it happen! We have Vessel Sinks that are Glass, Copper, Porcelain and Stone. Your imagination is unfettered with our gigantic selection of Vessel Sinks. Remember when you purchase a vessel sink the type of faucet that is required is going to be a taller than usual faucet. So keep that in mind when shopping for the necessary trappings to go along with your vessel sink.


Call us here at The Tub Connection,877.795.5684, we are proud to offer a variety of sinks for your home. We are striving to make your shopping experience easier, so select a category above to start your search! Not only do we offer "Affordable Elegance," we also offer a better shopping experience!