Reference Guides

Below you will find pdf links and some short product videos

Vanity Fixtures    product video 
The  Care and Maintenance guide     
The  Faucet & Drain Installation guide     
Bathtub Fixtures     
The Island-tub-drain guide     
The Cast Iron Clawfoot guide     
Our Acrylic-Slipper-Tub-Clawfoot-Installation-guide-     
The Acrylic Double ended Clawfoot guide     
Our TTC 1900LTB Drain Installation guide       N/A     
The Pedestal installation guide     
Supply line guides     
The TTC341D guide       N/A     
The TTC342D guide        N/A     
The TTC398 guide      N/A     
The H-Frame guide      N/A     
Deck mounted Bathtub Faucets     
The TTC463D-2 guide    TTC463d video
The TTC463D-6 guide    TTC463D-6 video
The TTC684D guide     
BathTub wall mount faucet guide     
The TTC463BTW guide       N/A     
The TTC684BTW guide       N/A     
BathRoom wall mount faucet guide     
The TTC463BRW guide        N/A     
The TTC684BRW  guide      N/A     
Free Standing Faucets & Supply line Guides     
The TTC463H guide      N/A     
The TTC684H guide      N/A     
The TTC398463 guide   TTC398463
The TTC398684 guide    TTC398684 video
The Freestanding Faucet guide   TTC150 video
Floor templates for Water supply lines & Drain    
The RR BTW waterline Template"    
The 7in DH Floor Template"    
The 398684 3-3/8" Supply lines with Drain Template    
The 398463 7" Supply lines and Drain    
The  Rolled Rim DH Floor Template    
The  TTC398 3-3/8" Floor Template    
The  TTC398 7in floor template