Reference Guides

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Vanity Fixtures

The Faucet & Drain Installation Guide 

The  Care and Maintenance guide

Bathtub Fixtures

The Island-tub-drain Guide

The Cast Iron View  Clawfoot Guide, Drain Guide 

The Acrylic-Slipper-Tub-Clawfoot-Installation-Guide-

The Acrylic Double Ended Clawfoot Guide

The Bathtub  TTC 1900LTB Drain Installation Guide

Bathtub Faucets

The TTC150 Guide 

The TTC341D Guide 

The TTC342D Guide 

The TTC463D-2 Guide 

The TTC463D-6 Guide 

The TTC684D Guide 

The TTC463BTW Guide 

The TTC684BTW Guide 

The TTC463BRW Guide  

The TTC684BRW  Guide

Freestanding Faucets and Supply Lines

The TTC398463 Guide

The TTC398684 Guide 

Floor Templates for Supply Lines and Drain

The 398684 3-3/8" Supply lines with Drain Template

The 398463 7" Supply lines and Drain

The  Rolled Rim Floor Template

The  TTC398 3&3-8 Floortemplate Template