Bathroom Sinks


A bathroom sink is an extremely important part of any bathroom decor. Choosing the right sink can accomplish the look you have been hoping to create in the bathroom. Since the bathroom is one of the rooms in the home that guests, as well as family members visits, you always want it to look clean and fashionable.
To help in the area of decor, we have a large variety of bathroom sinks available to you at low prices. Remember that our motto is "Avoidable Elegance."
There are basically two classifications of bathroom sinks; Vessel Sinks and Undermount Sinks. Within each of those categories, there is a barrage of different nuances that make each sink a little different from another.


A vessel sink is a bowl -type of sink with some depth and shape that sits on the countertop of a vanity cabinet or cupboard. Today's vanities are made of repurposed tables, buffets and wine barrels to name a few options. There are no rules prohibiting any furnishings for the vanity. With that in mind, we have stocked our warehouse with sinks that will allow you to create the look you want down to the single or multi colored, smooth or textured vessel sink. Not all sinks are smooth and pristine. Some people prefer something more rustic or earthy so we have marble and granite vessel sinks to suit or most discerning customers. Copper vessel sinks have an abundance of detail and design on them. Copper is naturally appealing because of it variances in color and patina before and after being hand fired. Some of the designs are stars, braids and leur de lis and they are on or in these vessel sinks. Some vessel sinks are smooth, some textured, some wavy, there are no rules.


If your vanity is a pre manufactured cabinet that requires a basin or undermount sink, we have several for you to look at. Our sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have round, oval, hexagon and rectangular undermount sinks. Many of our basin sinks are copper so not only do you get the antimicrobial benefits of a copper sink, there is the fired patina that adds the Oil Rubbed Bronze look that you love, but some sinks are embossed or raised designs on the inside walls of the sink, creating an unexpected embellishment for your pleasure.


We love to talk about our beautiful sinks so give us a call toll free (877) 795-5684. We can answer your questions and take your order in one beneficial conversation.  If you are totally tech savvy, order your sink on line by adding it to our cart.