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Here at The Tub Connection, we are proud to offer a variety of sinks for your home. We are striving to make your shopping experience easier, so select a category above to start your search! Not only do we offer "Affordable Elegance," we also offer a better shopping experience!  

Copper sinks add so much character to a bathroom or kitchen that you almost have to ask yourself why everyone doesn't have at least one. Not only is a copper sink just plain beautiful but there are health benefits that come from using a copper sink. A copper sink is an exquisite choice instead of having conventional stainless steel or porcelain varieties.


Some benefits of s copper sink is the health benefits such as Copper has a plethora of essential antimicrobial properties, which will make it an excellent choice for kitchen sinks. IA metal or porcelain kitchen sink must be cleaned extensively every single time it is used because harmful bacteria can survive for weeks which can cause significant health-hazards. But the copper alloy in copper sinks kills bacteria within a couple of hours, hence, you and your family are healthier. If you soak vegetables or wash dishes regularly in you sink, a copper sink will benefit you,


You will not be limited when purchasing a copper sink because they are available in all styles. The Tub Connection carries vessel sinks in many different shapes. Some are taller and more narrow, some are shorter and rounder, some have adornments like copper rings, Fleur de Lis, braided copper, There are just so many to choose from. We also have basin or undermount sinks, some are rimmed, others are rimless.


Copper sinks are good for the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bar or entertainment area. Once you have decided on a copper sink you can see they come in different ways. It can be rustic and western, charming and old world or new and exciting. However you look at it, copper is an excellent investment in your home. Call us today 877-795-5684 with any questions you have. We love our copper sinks and we look forward to speaking with you about them. If you have made your selection you can add it to the shopping cart and check out to make your purchase.