Stone Vessel Sinks


Stone Vessel Sinks add a certain richness to a room that seeps luxury and artistic flare. Our stone vessel sinks are made of the finest stone such as; Perlina Limestone from Portugal, Granite, Veined Marbles and Carrara White Marble from Italy. The natural hues of these stones are perfection itself.  We have Natural Onyx and Veined Onyx, Travertine, Natural Sandstone and a chiseled out Novatto Absolute Granite Bathroom Sink, smooth on the inside and natural texture on the outside of the vessel. Pretty amazing and just waiting to move into your home.


Other vessel sinks we have come in a lot of different shapes and colors, too numerous to list. Let's just say we have plenty of your favorites such as; white, black and copper.  A vessel sink is a bowl of some depth & width that sets on the countertop of some sort. Today's counters are made from re-purposed tables, buffets, wine barrels, there are no guidelines forbidding any kind of home furnishings for the countertop. Keeping that in mind we have actually filled our stock room with sinks that will certainly permit you to develop the appearance you desire to the solid or multi multi-coloured, smooth or distinctive vessel sink. Not all sinks are smooth & precise. Some individuals favor furnishings much more rustic or natural so we have marble granite vessel sinks to fit or most eclectic clients. Copper vessel sinks have a lot of nuances & style on them. Copper is normally enticing since it varies in different colors & patina prior to after being hand fired. The layouts like copper rings, braids, fleur de lis more than over the top on these vessel sinks. Some vessel sinks are smooth, distinctive, bumpy, there are no guidelines.


In case you need an undermount or basin style sink, We have that too. Our sinks can be found in a range of sizes and shapes. We have round, oval, hexagon and also rectangle-shaped undermount sinks. A number of our basin sinks are copper so not just do you obtain the antimicrobial advantages of a copper sink, there is the terminated patina that includes the Oil Rubbed Bronze appearance that you enjoy, however, some sinks are embossed or increased layouts on the within wall surfaces of the sink, producing an unanticipated decoration for your enjoyment.


You can order online or call to order your gorgeous sink. Call us a totally free (877) 795-5684. We will address your concerns and also take your order in one valuable chat.