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Quality furnishings are a must in homes of distinction. A cast-iron or acrylic 59-inch clawfoot tub is an ideal size of tub for a bathroom of any dimension. Acrylic and cast iron tubs are equally popular when it comes to the bathtub. Freestanding models are available in a variety of styles such as single and double slipper tubs, dual-ended tub and those with a continuous rolled rim. The set of four clawfeet are made specifically for the tub they are shown with. In the case of the 59-inch clawfoot tub, the feet may be ball and claw or lion paw feet in brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze or polished chrome. In some instances, additional finishes such as white and black are also an option.

Some of the many benefits of a 59-inch clawfoot soaking tub are the deepwater one is able to soak in. Both the acrylic and cast iron clawfoot tubs maintain the heat of the water for a long time allowing for extended soaking times. Stresses and body aches from a busy day may be relieved by instituting daily hydrotherapy at home.

59" Clawfoot Bathtub Models

Soaking tubs that have the capacity for deepwater will require a faucet with significant gallons of water per minute (GPM). A classic telephone faucet can stream 10 GPM which will fill a tub quickly. Faucets and claw feet may be matched by the finish and the most popular finishes are brushed nickel, polished chrome and oil rubbed bronze.

Here at The Tub Connection, we offer a wide variety of bathtub styles and sizes for you to choose from. We may have the 59" clawfoot bathtub readily available in cast-iron or acrylic. We offer bathtubs in three different designs. Slipper, Double-slipper and rolled rim tubs are the most popular designs we have available.

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