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We have a large inventory of freestanding clawfoot tub styles in many different sizes for you to choose from so you are sure to find the perfect tub for your home. We give you the choice of cast iron or acrylic 64-inch clawfoot bathtubs that are available in popular styles. Our freestanding clawfoot tubs of that size are typically available in three different designs. Those designs are the rolled rim, single slipper, and double slipper varieties. The rolled rim style of tub is the iconic vintage style tub. The rolled rim tub is the same height all around, has one end which slopes out and one blunt end which is where a faucet would be located. A single slipper tub is an elegant style with one end of the tub sweeping up to create the "slipper" look. The raised slipper end is perfect for those times when the head and back need support and all you have to do is recline and relax. A tub with a double slipper often has dimensions which will accommodate two people at the same time. In a double slipper, a faucet should be installed in the center of the tub at the lowest point so the faucet and streaming water will not interfere with the person(s) bathing.

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64" Clawfoot Bathtubs

When shopping for a freestanding clawfoot, remember, each tub comes with your choice of foot finish. The most-popular finishes we offer are polished chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze Upon request it may be possible to have clawfeet in white or black as well. Select the finish you want with the tub when you place your order. To ensure a perfect fit, be sure to choose a complete plumbing package when you order. Choose from a variety of different faucets, a drain and overflow, and water supply lines which are all included in a plumbing package. It is an option for you to order all of these plumbing components in the same finish as the clawfeet if you choose the faucets and fixtures in brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze or polished chrome.


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