Cast Iron Freestanding Tubs

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Our inventory of cast iron tubs include styles which date to the Victorian area as well as styles which are contemporary. A cast iron tub is one which will last almost forever. Cast iron tubs are typically made of recycled iron that has been melted and formed in a mold into the shapes we see today as clawfoot and pedestal style bathtubs.

We have many different sizes of cast iron and acrylic freestanding tubs for all sizes of bathrooms. A current trend for homes of distinction is to place a freestanding tub in front of a fireplace or in a garden setting. Cast iron tubs have porcelain coating on the interior of the tub which keeps it from rusting and makes the surface smooth for comfortable soaking. The exterior of the tub may be painted any color but is typically painted white. There is a high demand for professionally painted copper bronze or "faux copper" applications on the exterior of the tub. Copper tubs are very costly so we have successfully mastered the faux copper application and have made our customers very happy.

The health benefits of soaking in warm water have been decidedly established. Taking a bath has an excellent impact on health as baths can elevate your mood, help you sleep better, relieve muscle pain, make your heart healthy, they burn calories, relieve cold and flu symptoms and a bath can soothe irritated skin. Who wouldn't want to take regular baths?


Bathtubs have personalities and will bring different ambiances to the room. Clawfoot and freestanding tubs add romance and whimsy whereas modern drop-in tubs add little or no style to the bathroom. If function is the only purpose of the tub then a drop-in is fine.

The slipper tub is a glamorous style that will always be the focal point of the room with its elegant raised slipper end which is ideal for relaxing during an extended soak in the tub. The double slipper sweeps up on both ends of the tub giving the option of reclining at either end and the raised end provides head, neck and back support. While a single slipper tub will accommodate a single bather, the double slipper can accommodate a person at each end of the tub if it is long and wide enough.

Rolled rim tubs are the classic style and are nearly always with ball and clawfeet. However, you will find a pedestal style rolled rim tub in our inventory; the rolled rim and pedestal are not a common combination but we are determined to have something for everyone. Classic rolled rim tubs have a 3 inch continuous rolled rim around the tub with one end of the tub elongated so a person can lie back against the tub to relax. The opposite end of the tub is where the faucet, drain and overflow hole are located.

Double ended tubs are identical at each end of the tub and the rim of the tub is the same height all around the tub. The drain hole is located in the center of the tub and may be offset to the side which has an overflow hole. The tub faucet should be installed so the water flows into the tub over the drain. 


Clawfoot soaking tubs are a luxurious specialty item and the tub and feet are not interchangeable. Each set of four clawfeet are made especially for a specific tub and they are molded with angles and holes that fit the curvature of their own tub. Clawfeet may be made of cast iron, aluminum, steel, as well as other materials. Ball and claw feet are most common, but there are actually several styles. There area Imperial ball and claw, eagle claw, lion paw, and cannonball feet. 

If the style of feet is important to you be sure to examine the tub and the clawfeet closely and keep in mind that they are a perfectly matched set.

Several different finishes are usually available for the feet and they may be painted to match or complement the tub or the faucet finish in the bathroom.

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