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Our selection of clawfoot tub styles will allow you to design a room with a wonderful vintage feel or you can choose a tub with a  more modern appeal. As you look through our site, please choose a category to start your search and you will see the kind of "Affordable Elegance" and savings The Tub Connection can bring to you for your home. We are proud of the variety of tub and shower options we offer, and we strive to make your shopping experience easy. Start browsing our site now to experience our quality products and quality customer service for yourself!

Unique Tub Styles

Clawfoot bathtubs have been around for over a century. Originally, they were made only from cast iron and only a very small selection of sizes and styles were produced. However, over the past several years, the claw tub market has expanded to include many new styles and sizes, due to consumer demand. The variety of sizes is so you can find the size of bathtub that fits best into your home.  Some homes may have limited space available for the tub, so it is good to know that the length of a bigger tub s typically 65 inches.

The Tub Connection also offers a wide variety of styles. The classic "rolled rim" models, which were some of the first styles to be offered to the public decades ago, generally have one end which has a reclined surface. This is perfect for allowing one person to relax and lay back as they bathe. The other end of these tubs is typically more vertical and is where the faucet would be mounted either on the rim of the tub ("Deck Mount") or on the wall within the tub ("Bathtub Wall Mount"); you are given the option to choose which faucet mount you prefer and remember we offer our faucets and plumbing combinations in all the most popular finishes.

Another style we offer is the Double Ended (or dual ended) tub, the ends of which are both reclined. These models have that classic vintage look and have been popular since they were first introduced. The faucet for these tubs is on the rim in the middle of the tub on one side.

You may click on these links to view the details about specific tubs such as; 48 inch clawfoot tub and take a look at our large inventory of claw foot tubs.

Even More Slippers

However popular any one of the styles mentioned may be, the slipper tub is definitely the most popular vintage style available today. With this design, one side of the tub is raised and built in a reclined position, which gives the slipper tub its slipper-like shape. This allows for maximum bathing comfort as it allows you to have enough room to rest your head. With a slipper tub the faucet is mounted at the opposite end. Faucets can be mounted on the rim of the tub (for acrylic and cast iron tubs) or you may choose to have no faucet holes in your tub and use a bathroom wall mounted faucet or a freestanding faucet. Both work great for these models.

Not so long ago, a new tub style was introduced--it is the Double Slipper! This design is the largest of all of the clawfoot tub designs because both ends are raised so that you and another person could both comfortably recline. Double slippers offer faucet holes on the rim of the tub at its lowest point between the two raised sides, if you choose to use a Deck Mount Faucet. Deck Mount faucets or freestanding faucets are typically utilized with these tubs. However, you may opt to use a bathroom wall-mounted faucet as well. The type and style of faucet will depend on where your house water supply lines enter the bathroom.

Bathtub Materials

When bathing became a more regular, everyday occurrence in the early 1900's, the only type of tub created was typically made from cast iron. (You can read more about these old clawfoot tubs in many places online). Today, cast iron tubs are still extremely popular among homeowners. Since they are made from metal, they are very heavy and should never be moved or attempted to move by one person. To protect the metal from corrosion, the insides of cast iron tubs are painted thoroughly after being coated with a ceramic, or porcelain, material. The porcelain enamel finish is very smooth and is fairly easy to keep clean, but be sure to follow instructions Acrylic Bathtub and recommendations for cleaning, so as to better preserve the finish.

With advancements in materials over the past several years, Acrylic has come on the scene as a popular alternative to cast iron. Unlike the iron tubs, acrylic is very lightweight. One advantage of this is that Acrylic tubs require fewer people for moving or installation. Don't think that lower weight means lower quality, though. Acrylic is very tough and durable and is manufactured to keep its shape for a very long time.

Foot Finishes

No vintage style bathtub is complete without the classic claw feet (or paws). These four supports are typically anchored at the four corners beneath the tub, but on some models, they may be slightly off from the corners, slightly closer to the center. When people normally think about the finish of these feet, chrome comes to mind. But nowadays, these feet come in a variety of finishes besides chrome. Brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze are the two most-requested finishes besides chrome. However, you may also request finishes like white, polished brass, black or matte black. Other finishes may become available over time, but these are the most-popular finishes we offer.

Investment in You

There is nothing quite like owning one of these tubs for yourself. The hours of pure soaking pleasure you can enjoy by having one is considered an Affordable Luxury by many. It's like having your own personal spa at home! Forget about all of the pressures and stresses you endure throughout your day by relaxing in a beautiful, crafted vintage model from The Tub Connection.

Necessary Information:

How To Clean Your Cast iron Product:
The very best method to cleanse the porcelain is by utilizing soft soaps that are entirely non-abrasive.

Let me supply you a lineup of products you should not apply on your cast iron tub. This is not a comprehensive listing; Bar Keeper's Friend, Zud and Comet. Each of these is really abrasive and will likely create damage when you utilize it.

Some sort of baking soda mixture or vinegar if you like the thought of nonchemical cleaning. Tea Tree Oil and various other all-natural products are recommended, nevertheless, make sure to confirm they are risk-free to place on metals.

As mentioned, clean any kind of products off and rinse well.

Tips to Care for Acrylic Tub:
Cleaning your acrylic tub is surprisingly easy. Here are a number of suggestions that will help to keep your tub looking brand new. Be sure you work with as soft wash rag when cleaning the tub. Put in some water to the tub and squish some Dawn Dish soap or soft soap into the water and cleanse the tub. Drain the water and rinse out with fresh water.

An additional product that performs well cleaning an acrylic tub is Kaboom Foam-Tastic Bathroom Cleaner with Oxi Clean. This product definitely cleans very well. Flush the tub with water, spray the Kaboom around the tub. Note that the Kaboom is purple when sprayed onto the tub. When the tub is clean, the Kaboom has turned to white, wipe the tub with a soft cloth and always rinse it well.

Cleaning the tub routinely is definitely the best option if you want to keep it looking new. Applying a non-abrasive cleaning product is best, as an abrasive cleaner like Comet could actually damage your tub.

The Tub Connection does not endorse any product and everyone needs to verify product appropriateness before using.