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Customize your new clawfoot or pedestal bathtub. We offer a wide variety of custom options like color, texture and other unique styles. As one of our most-requested services, customization of each tub is created to meet your needs. We work carefully with you or your designer to ensure the details are perfect! We receive countless compliments on the quality of each tub we offer, so you are guaranteed to love your choice!

You will see some of our most unique tubs as well as some of the most amazing custom finishes that have ever before been imagined! The photos you see on the web pages of our online showroom are actual tubs that have been created in our paint room here at The Tub Connection.

Faux Finishes

You can see various tub designs with faux copper paint on them. These are all painted surfaces that have been perfected by our in-house artisan so they can be recreated for you. No two tubs are identical since they are hand-painted. Therefore, each and every one is unique and as close to the original materials as possible.

Custom Designer Tub

The Tub Connection is the leading provider of hand-painted faux finish tubs and custom painted tubs. We have discovered that we can do anything we put our minds to, so if you have a custom tub in mind, you need to talk to us. We enjoy producing tubs that are one-of-a-kind as well as distinctive and personal. If you have a specialty tub in mind that is needed as the ideal centerpiece for your bathroom, we could establish a time for you to consult with our on-staff artist and the two of you could discuss the details of just what it will take to make your vision happen.

We have such a large selection of cast iron and acrylic soaking tubs that choosing a tub can take a minute as you will want to look at all the tubs to be sure you have found the exact one. Once you have chosen the style of tub that you want to be personalized it is time to call and place your order.

Reduce Production Time

Customizing a tub will add some time to the ship date of the tub. It will typically take a couple of weeks to get the tub because of the high demand to have tubs customized. There are ways to get your tub moved to the front of the processing line so you will want to call and make arrangements if it isn't possible for you to wait the normal production time. As soon as you choose the style of tub and the custom color that you want, call us immediately so we can give you the most accurate information to get the tub and paint ordered. We strongly recommend that you choose the paint from the Sherwin Williams color wheel. If that is impossible, we will accept color codes along with the color chips from other paint manufacturers.

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