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Fiberglass Freestanding Tub Styles

When looking for tubs and showers for the bathroom, many people think of fiberglass freestanding tubs. Fiberglass is a tough, man-made material that is easily shaped into the style that is desired. However, when it comes to bathtubs, fiberglass is used as a reinforcing material. It is used between two sheets of another material (called acrylic) to reinforce the strength and shape of the bathtub.

These fiberglass clawfoot tubs come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can find fiberglass in rolled rim tubs, slipper tubs, dual-ended bathtubs and double slipper tubs. Each of these fiberglass clawfoot tub varieties are light-weight because of the acrylic and fiberglass so they are very easy to install. Below you will find a collection of the acrylic bathtubs we offer. Our fiberglass tubs for sale are durable and very elegant.

Acrylic and Fiberglass Freestanding Bathtubs

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