By Aston

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Aston Walk-in  Tub

We are offering Aston’s Walk-In Whirlpool Tubs at the lowest prices in the marketplace.

Walk-in tubs are for everyone. Planning for the future is a great way to have everything in place so when the time comes you are prepared for anything that life throws you way.

Whirlpool Tubs

Athletes, the elderly and the injured are all great candidates for a walk-in whirlpool tub. When muscles are worked hard in training or damaged due to an injury the whirlpool jets will help to revitalize and refresh. The tubs may have a different number of pulse hyro massage jets, but the jetting water will always feel amazing. 

 At some point in life, most people will realize that lifting a leg two feet off the ground while balancing on one foot can be next to impossible.

Having a walk-in tub is a great solution. The door opens out into the room and the bather just steps into the tub. The leg only needs to lift a matter of inches over the rim. Step in sit down on the bench, close the door and begin filling the tub with water.

The water fills the tub and drains very quickly so your bath-time doesn't draw out for a long time waiting on the water to come and to gol  

You will find the Walk-in Whirlpool Tubs very comfortable and attractive in your home. Call for information or to place an order 877-795-5684.