51-58 Inch Tubs

Freestanding Bathtubs: 51" - 58"

The Tub Connection takes client services very seriously. We intend to have every- thing you could ever want in a tub at your tip of your fingers on the web pages of our internet catalog. As you take a look at the different styles of tubs, you will certainly learn that we have purposely separated the tubs into categorical groups in order to make is simple for you to make your selection. In this section, we have bathtubs that vary in size from a nice sized this size category so you will simply have to take a minute to try to browse. You may want to take down some notes or add your favorites to your "Wish List" on our Tub Connection Site.  Our variety of tubs varying from 51 inches to 55 inches is a large category because these dimensions are popular sizes for many bathrooms. These tubs are big enough for soaking, but not so big that they require the largest bathroom space to accommodate their installation.

We Have Unique Tubs

Note there are unique tubs like round bathtubs, square bathtubs and also hexagon bathtubs all in different sizes for your comfort.  We intend to be the service that you decide to assist with the furniture of your bath room. We have purposely added many unusual and usual modern and vintage style tubs to our selection.

As you take a look at the 51-58" Tubs, something you will certainly observe is that again, this size classification will consist of acrylic, copper and cast iron bathtubs. The attributes of each of the bathtubs will be listed with pictures of the tub & other specific info about the bathtub such as if the bathtub a corner pedestal tub or freestanding clawfoot tub.  Your question as to whether or not the tub has faucet holes or not will be answered here as well. Bear in mind that when you purchase your tub it is possible to add a complete Plumbing Pkg or Plumbing Combo to our bath tubs no matter the dimension of the tub.

Our variety 51-58 " clawfoot, pedestal, corner and walk-in tubs will work with exactly what ever amount of space you have. Please choose a category and get started so you can see just what sort of "Affordable Elegance" TheTubConnection.com could bring to you as well as your home.

As you look this category of tubs you will find every style such as; rolled rim, slipper, double-ended, clawfoot and pedestal. You will also see tubs made of cast iron, acrylic and copper. We have also included a corner style jetted whirlpool tub in case you have a super big master bath.

Every tub we have is high quality and high style. Vintage or Victorian style tubs are very glamorous and they will bring a certain elegance to your home that you can't get from decorations alone. A sophisticated designer tub will always be the focal point of any bathroom.

We recognize that most consumers purchase only a few tubs throughout their purchasing lifetime. With this in mind, we want to always have the largest selection of styles and sizes for you to choose from so we will be your one-stop-shop for all things you need in your bathroom. Not only will you only purchase a tub or two in your lifetime, but your friends are family are the same. so we ask if you have been satisfied with the products and service we provide that you tell everyone you know.

We Fit Your Budget

Right here at The Tub Connection, we are honored to provide a selection of tub sizing options to suit your house and budget plan. We are striving to make your buying experience much easier, so select a category here on The Tub Connection to start your search! It's not just "Affordable Elegance," that we offer, we provide a much better purchasing experience!

Helpful Staff

Call us at 877.795.5684 so that we can answer every one of your concerns and also walk you through placing your order. Do not hesitate to place your order on line & within just a few days you will be alerted that your tub has shipped, as well as the anticipated arrival date. Our friendly, helpful staff is here to assist you.