Acrylic Slipper Tubs

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Acrylic Slipper TubsAcrylic Slipper Tubs

Since your are looking at Acrylic Slipper Tubs, it is obvious that you have an eye for glamour. Some facts about Acrylic Slipper Tubs are that they are very popular due to their light weight, durable construction, and very affordable prices. Acrylic lasts forever and looks just like cast-iron. Slipper bathtubs have been around for years and are perhaps the most-popular style of vintage bathtubs. They allow for hours of relaxation and are sure to enhance your home. 

Slipper Bathtubs give you the most-luxurious bathing experience of all. Each of our slipper tubs is quite spacious and has a raised slipper-back at one end of the bathtub which enables you to relaxed and unwind as you delight in unequaled relaxation. The single slipper bathtub is one of the most elegant looking of all the bathtubs. Seeing it brings to mind glitz and glamour! Picture a slipper bathtub filled with pearly white effervescent bubbles, a side table with your favorite scented candles, a sparkling wine and you. What a dream! Many from yesteryear have enjoyed the same style of tub. The Romance of a glamorous Slipper tub cannot be overlooked. 

We have a wonderful selection of Clawfoot Slipper bathtubs for you to make a selection from. They are offered in both a clawfoot bathtub and pedestal tubs. We offer our designs in quite a few sizes to make it easy for you to select one that will fit perfectly. Both clawfoot and pedestal bathtubs are considered "free standing" bathtubs, since neither is attached to a wall. Given that the tubs are free standing no matter what direction the tub is set up in they look the exact same on both sides. Some pedestal tubs do have a "back side" since the drain and overflow assembly could be within the wall surface of the bathtub, so it needs to have a access to panel that you would want facing toward the wall. If there is a Pedestal Tub that you have an interest in just pick up a phone & call us so we can address pertinent concerns similar to this for you. Something else to consider is where the waste water will drain. The clawfoot bathtub requires a drain and overflow assembly in order to move the waste water from the bathtub. The drain hole in the tub make not be where the drain hole in the flooring should be. The drain & overflow assembly carries the waste water 2- 3 inches from the drain opening towards the rim of the tub. This may sound complicated so, please, call our toll-free number so we can go over all the requirements and particulars of setup so your encounter is a wonderful one.

What if I am into Feet?

Our clawfoot slipper bathtubs are available with claw feet in polished chrome, brushed (satin) nickel, & oil rubbed bronze). Plus, for those who desire their bathtubs personalized, we can paint your bathtub to match the color you choose. There is no need to have a monotonous bathroom that doesn't show the exciting and distinct person you are. Browse our Clawfoot Tub option and decide which bathtub you wish to get today!

Who Do I Call?

To place your order or to speak with one of our staff, call our toll free number 877-795-5684.   You can get answers to all of your questions, place your order and sit back and wait for your new bath tub.  It will only take a few days!

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