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cast iron slipper tubsCast Iron Slipper Tubs

Cast Iron Slipper Tubs are extremely popular and add an amazing touch to any home. These vintage-style bathtubs are the hottest-selling types of bath tubs available today. With a high-arched end, you can relax for hours in the privacy of your own home. Cast-iron is also the most-durable material you can get. Each of the tubs has an enamel finish on the inside of the tub for a smooth feel. When you recline in the cast iron tub you will find that the cast iron takes on the heat of the water and helps to heal sore muscles. Bathing in a cast iron bath tub is truly therapeutic. Add some Epsom salts, some essential oils and your body will thank you. 

Purchasing a slipper tub will put you in good company There are many romantic movies that have included Slipper Tubs in them because of the ambiance of romance they create. Vintage style Slipper Bathtubs provide you the most amazing bathing experience of all. Each tub is extremely roomy with an elevated back at one end of the tub which enables you to lay back and unwind as you delight in the most relaxing soaking pleasure. The single slipper bathtub is one of the most elegant looking of all the tubs. It screams beauty and elegance! Can you picture a candle-lit room, a Victorian Slipper Tub filled with opalescent bubbles, your favorite music playing and you, totally relaxed? What a welcome vision.

Slipper tubs are available as single and double slipper styles. A single slipper is a tub that has one end of the tub that sweeps up. The idea is that the person taking the bath can lie back and relax. Their back up to the head is supported by the raised end of the tub. The double slipper has two ends that sweep up. If the tub is long enough and wide enough (minimum of 30 inches across) then the tub can accommodate two people bathing at the same time. Slipper tubs are considered the most glamorous of tubs. They are available with clawfeet and as a pedestal tub. Pedestal tubs will be found as a single unit or in two pieces, where the tub sits down into a pedestal base. The base of the tub may be simple or very ornate.

You are so fortunate to have found The Tub Connection. Our motto is "Affordable Elegance" and you will find it here. We have a fine selection of Slipper tubs for you to choose from. They are offered in both a clawfoot tub and free standing Pedestal styles. All are available in different sizes plus we provide our versions in a couple of various sizes for you to select from. A nice thing about "free standing" bathtubs, is that they aren't attached to a wall so they can be placed anywhere in the room. Your design style is unlimited. If any of this information seems confusing, please call our toll free number so we can go over all the specifications and details of purchase and installation so your experience is an excellent one.

Personalizing your tub is easy with the different options we offer. Our clawfoot slipper bathtubs are available with your option of claw foot finishes (such as chrome, brushed nickel, & Oil-Rubbed Bronze). And also, for those that desire their bathtubs a color other than white, we could paint your bathtub nearly any color you choose. There is no reason to have an uninteresting bath room that does not reflect the interesting and distinct individual you are. Search our Clawfoot Bathtub selection and also choose which tub you want to order today!

You may notice that we have shown some tubs with a faux copper finish. On our site, you will see the finish on slipper tubs and double ended tubs, clawfoot and pedestal styles. If you love the faux finish and would like it on a different size of tub than what we have shown, just let us know. The faux finish can be applied to any of the tubs in our inventory. There is an added cost and because the tub is hand-painted; there is additional time tacked on to the turnaround time for processing and shipping. 

How Can I Get A Tub?

Tubs can be purchased here on our website or you can call us toll free at 877-795-5684. We have plenty of friendly staff who can answer all of your questions and take your order down for you. Once you have placed your order you tub will arrive in just about a week! How exciting is that? Call Now 877-795-5684.

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