Copper Soaking Tubs

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Copper Soaking Bathtubs

Beautiful hand-hammered Mexican copper soaking bathtubs offer plenty of room for bathing and bring rustic warmth into your home.  

We carry a variety of sizes of Hammered Copper Tubs for sale, ranging from 45 to 72 inches in length. A double-ended tub with these dimensions is great for two people to relax overworked back and neck muscles in 15 inches or more of water. Some tubs have a hand-hammered copper exterior and nickel-plated interior. Our collection of Copper Soaking Tubs includes Double Ended, Slipper, and Double Slipper Tubs with hand hammered 16 gauge Mexican Copper Exterior and Interior or a Nickel Plated Interior. We have Round Copper Tubs Hexagon Copper Tubs, Oval Ended Copper Tubs. We have pedestal-style copper soaking tubs and clawfoot-style tubs. As you can see, Copper Soaking Bathtubs are kind of a thing with The Tub Connection!

Choose any of our Soaking Tub models which are available in a variety of designs and sizes. You will be proud to own any one of these quality and stylish bathtubs.  Our Freestanding Stone Soaking Tubs are cultured marble pedestal style and our Wood Tubs are available as a slipper, double slipper, and double-ended pedestal tubs. The Japanese Tub is made of copper and comes with a bench seat inside. Our Swedish Tubs are cast iron clawfoot slipper tubs with an 18-inch water capacity. 

Copper Makes Your Body Healthy

Scientists have reported the health benefits of copper tubs, sinks, bracelets for our bodies. In fact, Organic Facts reports " health benefits of copper are crucial for an overall healthy existence, as this mineral enables a normal metabolic process in association with amino acids and vitamins. Copper cannot be produced within the body and therefore needs to be added from external food sources. Copper is the third most prevalent mineral in the body and it is mostly carried by the blood plasma protein, Ceruloplasmin. In order to enjoy the health benefits of copper, it must be included in the daily diet, as it is used up in daily bodily processes." Improving eyesight, preventing the signs of aging, increasing energy are all improved by adding copper to the body. Therefore, every time you bathe the body absorbs some of the very needed copper. Copper is also antimicrobial so it is naturally clean and doesn't require a disinfectant to clean. Exposing your family to Fewer Chemicals is a plus.

Even if there were no additional benefits to the tub being copper, a bathtub is a major benefit to the health of all who bathe. According to a popular blog post, here is a short list of six reasons a bath is healthy for you:

1. Being Horizontal In Water Helps Your Mood
2. Baths Can Help Relieve Skin Conditions
3. Bath Heat Can Help With Muscle Pain
4. Hot Baths Before Bed Produce Better Sleep
5. Steam Helps To Reduce Cold Symptoms
6. Salt Water Baths Calm Arthritic Pain

You need to call to get your tub ordered for the health of your family.

Who You Gonna Call?

Of course, by now, you want a Copper Soaking Bathtub, but perhaps there are questions that need to be answered. Call our toll free number 877.795.5684.

Available in a variety of sizes, we offer several different hammered copper tub models for you to choose from. Each tub is crafted to have a beautiful appearance that you will always be proud of.