Copper Bathtubs

Copper Bathtubs

Copper gives any room a warm, cozy feel. Our superior copper bathtub models are designed to bring more than just a warm feeling. These spacious tubs are very roomy and are perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating your body from the stress of life.


You can find every style of tub in our Copper Bathtubs category.. The most popular style of tub is the slipper tub. We have single slippers and double slippers. The single slipper is when only one end of the tub sweeps up. The idea is that while bathing, you can recline on to the elevated end and the back, shoulders, neck and head will all be supported.

On a double slipper both ends of the tub are swept up. Often times, double slipper tubs are big enough for two. Two ends allows for two people to lay back on the raised ends and to get the same upper body support.  

Double-ended tubs are same height all around. There is no raised end, however, the wall of the tub does lean or slope out so the tub is wider at the top than at the bottom. This structure allows one person or two people to sit at both ends to bath. 

If the desire is to have a copper clawfoot tub big enough for two, be sure to get a tub that is wide enough. The width must be a minimum of 30 inches wide. There is some positioning that needs to be considered so width is important. For the longest and widest copper tub we have in stock take a look at our "Dorinda" Tub. It is 80 inches long and 41 1/4 inches wide.

Interior - Exterior

In this category, all of the tubs are made of hand-hammered Mexican Copper. There are antique, fired and natural patinas, Some are been coated with oil rubbed bronze. Each tub is a rich copper with a living patina that gets more rich in appearance as the tub ages.  

There are some of our tubs that have a nickel interior. The addition of another metal like nickel really adds a new dimension to the tub. Each metal complements the other.

Designer Tubs

Everyone of these tubs is one-of-a-kind. An artisan hand makes the tub. When you look closely you can see the divots in the metal that the hammer makes each time it strikes the metal. The tubs start out as a large sheet and it is hammered into the shape that you see here on these pages. 

When you order a tub, the one you get is the only one exactly like it. There are others in the same size and shape, but no two are identical.

Healthy For You

You will find a number of health benefits associated with using copper bath tubs. Among the most significant is that reports indicate bacteria could stay alive for only several hours on copper, as compared to days on stainless steel and even for a longer time other types of bath surfaces. That indicates you could get rid of those germ cleansers and antibacterial products kept in your house.

You should take notice that copper is even registered as an antimicrobial component. That is massive, due to the fact that this is generally only granted to liquids, aerosols or gases.

Copper has a restorative effect on joint motion and connective tissue by minimizing inflammation associated with aging and sporting injuries. When your skin touches the surface area of a copper tub, your body absorbs small amounts of copper. There are none of the gastrointestinal side effects which are common with anti-inflammatory drugs. When a diet is deficient in trace minerals such as copper, a copper tub is a peaceful method to restore the body with this essential element.

Care For Copper Tubs

The most effective method to care for a Copper sink or tub is probably the simplest. You should use a mild soap and soft towel when it is needed. A good practice, clean the sink completely dry after each usage, particularly if you live in hard water locations.

In order to help keep the copper item looking its finest, use a thin coat of wax periodically. The wax will aid to maintain the luster of the copper and will promote better water evaporation. The Tub Connection recommends Copper Sink Care Wax, a natural bee's wax spray-on formula which is available from our online store. An easy spray on/wipe off application is recommended one time a month. The Copper Sink Care Wax will help to protect the copper surface, won't develop a waxy build-up, & will dry completely clear to draw out real copper finish.

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