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Cultured MarbleCultured Marble is one of the most-desired materials for a bathtub. These beautiful works of art are elegant and are sure to enhance the look of any home. Though not as heavy as cast-iron, they certainly are sturdy and well built.


The Cultured Marble Free Standing tub is a fine illustration of a lovely, art-inspired tub. Our cultured marble tubs are bathtubs that either a double slipper which is a slipper tub where both ends of the tub sweep up allowing 2 people to recline in the tub or for a single person to recline at either end. Our double slipper tub is called "Washington" and our Double Ended Tub is called "Jefferson." Jefferson is a pedestal tub where the rim of the tub is level all the way around causing it to be the same on both ends or double-ended.


Our Pedestal and Free Standing Bath Tubs are not connected to the wall. Some bathtubs are only appealing on one side and the other three sides are basically "unfinished" as they are to be placed directly on the bathroom wall so only the one side is seen. Our pedestal tubs are freestanding because they are made to stand in the room where ever you desire. As long as you have a drainage hole in your floor in the bathroom, then your pedestal tub can be placed where you want. 

Design Style

This pedestal tub is built as all one piece -  from the rim down to very bottom of the pedestal. The Tub Connection has other pedestal bathtubs in Acrylic, Cast Iron, Copper, and Wood. Each of these bathtubs will create a style that is contemporary, vintage, rustic and eclectic. All these design styles are currently in fashion! 

Check out our Island Tub Drain. This new device will help you to install your new Cultured Marble easy-peasy!


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Our Cultured Marble Tubs are made right here in the United States. Plus, we offer Free Shipping on every order to the Continental US.

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