Wood Soaking Tubs

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Wood Soaker Bathtubs

A totally unique and rustic look for the bathroom can be created by installing a Wood Soaking Tub. Wood Tubs are smooth, beautiful and natural. A wooden tub in your bathroom will be a conversation starter for every visitor in your home. Everyone will want to make a visit to the bathroom and will come out asking, "Where did you get that tub?"

Our Wood tubs are ALFI Brand and are made from natural Oak or Cedarwood. Wood tubs are made to be used. So be sure to bathe in them daily. It is important to keep the moisture level up in the wood for the health of the wood. If you aren't bathing in the wood tub daily, be sure to use it at least weekly and if not weekly then it should be wiped down with water at a minimum every two weeks especially if you are in a dryer climate area. If the wood tub is installed in a cabin or vacation home, it is best to leave it filled 1/3 of the way with water in it to prevent cracking because of dry wood.

For those interested in soaking with bath salts or oils in the bath, feel free to do so in a Wood Tub. After the bath, just wipe the wood tub down with a towel, hot water, and a very mild cleanser. You should never use harsh cleaners on your wood tub as you don't want to chemically damage your wood. Our Wood Soaking Tubs are made to be used inside the home and should not be installed out of doors.

Are Wood Tubs Difficult to Install?

Not al all! Simply place the tub at its desired spot, connect the drain and the incoming water lines for the faucet and you are done. Jump in and enjoy a bath in some deep water.

Our Wood Soaking Tubs have a unique look to them. Wooden "feet" raise the tub up off the floor a bit and makes the installation so simple, Two of our Wood Soaking Tubs are Double Ended, one is a Slipper Tub and one is a Double Slipper Tub. There is no reason to deny yourself the gift of a Wood Soaking Tub!  

Is A Wood Tub Hard To Care For?

Keep it Clean:
The tub does not need any special cleaning products. Bathroom salts/soaps can be used, however, ensure to wash the tub out thoroughly. You must under no circumstances apply harsh chemicals to the wood. Basically, utilize a clean towel with warm water and mild soap for routine cleaning. Always keep the tub clean after every use, to ensure a long-term finish.

Making it Last:
This tub is constructed to be used often. If the tub is not being used on a frequent basis it is advised to wet it down every couple weeks to ensure it keeps appropriate moisture content degrees, even more so if you live in an extremely drier climate. This will help to stop splitting or splitting of the wood caused by drying out. If you plan to not use the tub for a month it is recommended to leave the tub loaded with 1/3 of water. For longer time periods raise the water level to 3/4. Manufacturer Alfi Brand Inc. is not liable for cracks/splitting of the wood

For indoor use only:
Keep your new wood tub out of the direct sunlight and keep it a safe distance from any kind of fireplaces or heaters.

I Want More Information

If you have questions about Wood Soaking Tubs, purchase or delivery, you can call our toll free number 877.795.5684 and ask all the questions you like. After you have all your questions answered, we can take your order right over the phone. Call today at (877) 795-5684. Once you have completed placing your order it is only a short time before your Wood Soaking Tubs will be delivered to your home.

Here you will find a variety of Soaking Tub. Each one is the quality and high style of furnishings you will be proud to own. Our Stone Tubs are cultured marble pedestal style and our Wood Tubs are available as a slipper, double slipper, and double ended pedestal tubs. Our Swedish Tubs are cast iron clawfoot slipper tubs with an 18-inch water capacity. The Japanese Tub is made of copper and comes with a bench seat inside.