Cast Iron Tubs

Cast Iron Tubs An exquisite cast iron freestanding clawfoot or pedestal style bath tub is among the most striking & original bath tub types that you can possibly select from. Our classic design tubs are spotted within the most exquisite properties. It doesn't matter if a bathroom is big or small. A warm and comfortable hydro bath is definitely the best method to relax away the hurting muscles of the day at work plus it can promote a peaceful environment. Along with the health-related advantages, deep soaking bath tubs are truly an appealing design focal point in the bathroom. We have many length and widths and designs of bathtubs so that you can create your dream bathroom. TYPES OF TUBS When it pertains to the classic design bathtubs, the slipper clawfoot bathtub design is the most-popular style. There are two different designs of slipper tub for you to pick from. The single slipper as well as the double slipper. The single slipper bathtub has one end of the tub increased with a sloped back. This enables one to relax as they shower as well as it takes any tension off of the back as well as neck (when as compared to a few others tubs which do not have actually an increased end). A double slipper bathtub has both finishes of the bathtub elevated. This enables reclining at either end of the bathtub and also these versions tend to be roomier compared to the single slipper tubs. Slipper tubs will vary in how much the elevated or sloped tub wall elevates. Make certain to consider the inside floor to ensure that you are aware of how much space you have so you can stretch out in the bathtub. Enjoy this amazing bath tub and increase the value of your house. Dual slippers have more room than any other freestanding tub and they offer two raised ends which add a lot of comfort. They reach lengths of up to 70 inches or more. Double slipper tubs are created so that the faucet is installed in the middle of the bath tub on the rim. If you have a free standing faucet, it needs to be positioned outside of the tub in the same location. Dual-ended bath tubs look like rolled rim bath tubs in some ways, though there are a few contrasts. Faucets are placed on the side of the tub in the middle rather of at one end. Both ends of the tub allow for an individual to recline. Plus, these types of tubs are often much longer and provide more area for taking a bath. Rolled rim bath tubs have been around for over one-hundred years. The foot end of the bathtub is where the faucet is placed. Some designs enable for a faucet to be mounted on the inside wall surface of the tub. Others enable the faucet to be installed on the rim of the bathtub. The end opposite from the faucet has been manufactured to make it possible for an individual to lay back while they bathe. This enhances an incredibly soothing bathing experience. Besides looking good, one may even need to take into consideration just what the tub is actually crafted from & the dimensions. Depending on the brand, the claw feet on the freestanding tub can be notably elaborate or much more plain. Don't forget to examine the feet on the tub very closely to be familiar with the choices. The clawfeet can be painted so as to match or to contrast the tub. Clawfoot Tub Foot Finish Options: Customize your soaking tub's claw feet What color finish do you want the claw feet to have?: Polished Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Brushed Nickel. Upon request, some other finishes may be available. * Got questions? Contact us at (877) 795-5684.