Acrylic Pedestal Tubs

Freestanding Pedestal  Acrylic Bathtub Styles

Throughout the years the styles for bath tubs have changed from "small enough to get the job done," to the gigantic garden tubs of the 90's. You have seen the modern-day, drop-in tubs and have found them lacking in style.  However, the classic  Pedestal Freestanding Tubs provide the style many desire. There is something very attractive in the knowledge that these classic designs have weathered the test of time and are still as popular as ever.

Some classic tubs have a dual-ended design. With this style, both ends of the tub are made to be level all the way around the tub. Double ended tubs generally have the drain hole in the center and off set slightly to one side of the tub and the faucet is put in the middle of the tub rim. It makes sense that the water flows into the tub over the drain.  If there is an overflow hole, it is  located on the far side of the tub closest to the drain. Faucet options are; a freestanding, deckmount, or bathroom wall faucet. We have discovered that styles like the Classic Telephone Faucet and the Gooseneck Faucet compliment the look of our vintage style Pedestal Freestanding Bathtubs.

The Slipper style bath tub is the most-popular style of Pedestal Freestanding Tubs.  These tubs have a distinct style that is unrivaled in the tub market. One end of the bathtub rises up above the height of the rest of the tub. The Single Slipper style allows the person bathing to easily lie back on the raised end and it enhances your ability to relax as you recline against the smooth, warm, slipper end.  Slipper tubs are available in several sizes and like the other tubs, one end of a slipper is where the faucet is mounted. The low end of the tub is ideal for faucet as the water flow will not interupt the relaxaton of resting on the raised slipper end.

Another style of acrylic bathtub we offer is the Double Slipper Tub. These tubs are very roomy and many of them are big enough for two people to soak in a bubble bath at the same time.  Placement of the faucet is in the middle of the bathtub, on the side, so the faucet water will flow into the bath tub and not disturb those in the tub. Dual slippers are defined by both ends having a dramatic sweep up to create the "Slipper" look on both ends.  A double slipper tub is so glamorous and elegant that men and women alike look forward to bathing in them.

Acrylic is an durable material which is easily mold-able and is used to create our beautiful, lightweight tubs. The Tub Connection bathtubs construction includes two sheets of acrylic over a fiberglass core inside the tub (for some brands it is double sheets of acrylic with an air chamber trapped between the two sheets). Acrylic tubs heat up very quickly with the bath water and they maintain the heat for a good long while. Soaking in a nice, hot bath is very healthy for you. These tubs are very smooth and designed to allow for comfortable relaxation in the tub. 

Design is everything when it comes to our tubs. Anyone can go to a big box store or a local hardware store to purchase a tub, but our high style, high quality tubs won't be found there. Even if, by chance, they have one tub on display, you can't purchase it and take it home. The tub has to be ordered and shipped to you. We suggest you by-pass the middle man and purchase your designer tub directly from us. Check out our website and when you find the tub that you just have to have, add it to the cart. Buy it and within a matter of days, the tub will arrive at your home. We provide you the most amazing quality at the most amazing prices. Our motto is Affordable Elegance. Get some for yourself!

Customizing An Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

Don't hesitate to request customization for the tub you are purchasing. Our staff can customize tubs by painting a single color or faux copper finish on the exterior of the tub. There is no need to be satisfied with a white tub if your bathroom and your design sense requires a different color.  Just give The Tub Connection staff a call and we will discuss all of the options with you. We have painted many tubs, lots of different colors throughout the years. We suggest that you choose a color from Sherwin Williams. Just give us a call and we will discuss all of this with you in person.

Call 877-795-5684 Toll Free and ask for Free Shipping and Handling in the Continental United States of America.